𓆩♡𓆪 Last Essence 𓆩♡𓆪

Last Essence
6 min readMay 8, 2022

𓆩♡𓆪 Team and Vision 𓆩♡𓆪
A contemporary brand for web3 creatives

A community-centric home to belong in.

Becoming a citizen in Last Essence, is becoming apart of our team, vision, and ethos.
The Essence is a treasury and incubator used to fund community initiatives, support artists, and give innovative value to web3 creatives, from our leading team.

𓆩♡𓆪Core Creative and Moderation Team𓆩♡𓆪

Arist — ♡ Binnie ♡
Art and design

Jazzmania AKA Jazz , I am 22 years old from Massachusetts now living in Florida.
I am a music producer and my main goal in this space is to find a way to mix my love for music and NFTs together.

My name is Rhett I’ve been on web 3 for about 6 months, I’ve helped and worked with several projects in this space at the moment I’m just working as the collab manager here as well as on the collab team in the penthouse, I live down in Texas as well as work as a manager and on my spare time I live on Twitter and discord, if y’all have any questions you can dm me on Twitter @gingerbreadman_eth or you can just @ me on discord and I will always get back to you. All love and can’t wait to build this family with y’all.

Hello my name is Nicholas I am currently a college student! I have been in the NFT space for 6 months I been moderating for CubeX and TheZeroNFT. Some of my passions are skateboarding taking photos and making art on my free time. I love to be involved in the NFT space and grow and learn more about it everyday day. I’m grateful to be apart of the last essence team and can’t wait for the future of it!

Hi I’m Merky I’m a business management student set to graduate July 2022, 22 and I live in the UK London but originally from Indonesia! I have been in the NFT space for around 6–7 months and since then I’ve modded in several projects and communities, I was a mod at Metabillionaire, currently Head Mod here in LastEssenceNFT, Mod/Collab for Bandit Brigade, Mod at Foodiesio and advised them to revamp and brought in a team to help them from my network, Collab Team/Alpha Caller for ThePenthouse whilst also helping AzerothAlpha bring in collabs. Over this time I’ve learned so much in this space not only through modding but also the different projects/communities I was involved in with. My hobbies/passion are music, basketball, gaming and NFTs ever since I dived into the NFT space I fell in love with it and hungry to learn all about the blockchain and WEB 3 future! I look forward to being in the WEB 3 space in the future as a full time job and flourish in it.

Christopher Ballin

Hi I’m Chris from Spain! I’m currently studying Bioengineering and I’ve been in the Web3 scene for nearly a year.
I’ve moderated private and larger discord servers in the past and now I’ve taken that experience into the Web3 space by becoming a mod for project’s such as Clementine’s Nightmare, Cryptowalkers.io, Cyber Gorillas and more!
I’ve become quite passionate about the Web3 space and even more so about mental health in the Web3 space as I and friends of mine have struggled with it. So my aim is to improve the space however I can especially for people who are struggling with mental health. Helping people with their health being a passion is also what led me to picking to study bioengineering.
That is one of the reasons I was very happy to join the Last Essence team as we are aiming to provide people with a comfortable and relaxing space in the Web3 scene away from the toxic environment of NFTs and grinding.


Maria aka Bunny from Romania. I am 24, currently studying for double masters and let’s say I still learn about this space. I am a self-taught artist, drawing in my free time. Besides that, you can find me playing video games or watching anime. I enjoy to make new friends ~ and I need to say I’ve met some really amazing souls in this community ~ I love poetry (I write poems too, sometimes), fantasy/mistery books, MUSIC and adventures! I also like to be involved in a lot of things.
This is the first project where I got involved as a mod and I am really excited about it!


Hello! I am smolMan (she/her) from Hong Kong, currently working full-time administration job in real life. I have joined NFT space since late January this year. I have been moderating for Mems and Last Essence as I was drawn by their arts and no grind cultures. My passion involves yoga and drawing. To enrich my knowledge in yoga, I completed 300hrs yoga teacher trainings.

its daty not daddy. I’m born and raised in Northern California. I dropped out of college and quit my job to do NFTs full time. I’ve been in NFTs for half a year now and my hunger to learn and strive has grown more than I ever imagined. Most of my time is invested in moderating projects in hopes of building new friendships, connections, opportunities and most importantly, memories that last a life time. Outside of NFTs, my hobbies are cooking, gaming and petting dogs. Sarcastically, I don’t recall my last joyful memory outside of Web3 as I’ve spiraled in too deep and it’s only felt like an endless abyss. How much longer will we last? Who knows.. We are in an experience experiencing experiences.

Panda is an experienced team manager having worked across various projects in mod / collab capacities such as Bobots and Seka Labs etc. Having founded his own alpha club :
Panda club, Panda has also enabled projects he worked with to find collaborations that better suit their needs through his links to founders and collab managers.

Outside NFT, Panda holds a job in e-commerce, working as an e-commerce manager.

𓆩♡𓆪 Vision and Ethos 𓆩♡𓆪

Our Vision and Ethos is to form a community of creatives, gaining value, and striving to lead in the web3 space.
Last Essence is a studio for holders to build their foundation and gain skills and experience within our community to use within the web3 space.

Communication and transparency is key.

Holders are prioritised, for collaborations, information, and updates, holders come first.
Carefully-crafted banners formed by our artists, giving web3 access to a timeless and expanding community.
We aim to not give vague over-promises to our community, with a focus on providing quality art.

𓆩♡𓆪 Details 𓆩♡𓆪
Discord: https://discord.gg/lastessence
Twitter: https://twitter.com/LastEssenceNFT

Supply: 3444
Mint Price: 0.022
Mint Date is TBA.
Only use the official twitter for links.

There will be both a public and whitelist mint with a gas-optimised ERC721A contract.