Plant Combination Explorer

In our last post, we introduced a the Plant Similarity Index, a statistical method for discovering similar plants.

Today, we’re excited to release the Plant Combination Explorer, a tool for discovering great sets of plants for your yard.

Try it here

The Combination Explorer begins with some hand-picked combinations- plants our experts have planted together for years. From this starting point, if lets you explore statistically-similar plants, and filter by region.

The Combination Explorer doesn’t just suggest plants, but shows broader details behind the suggestion. For example:

  • Midnight Wine® Weigela: Small, deciduous shrub. Showy flowers and interesting leaf color
  • China Boy® Holly: Mid size, evergreen shrub. Berries add winter interest
  • Dwarf Korean Lilac: Very Large, deciduous, flowering shrub. Produces desirable smell

Ready to start your yard? Try our the Plant Combination Explorer.