Coding Is Over

The React app you’re writing to replace coding- React is the latest iteration in a long line of Javascript frameworks, innovated over two decades. It runs on a highly-optimized Javascript interpreter. In a modern web browser or sophisticated cloud server infrastructure updated weekly for security and performance. Running on operating systems, taking advantage of rapidly improving hardware. Transmitting data through programmable routers and radios, sending bytes, then kilobytes, then megabytes, then many-gigabyte 4K Netflix streams. The hardware this runs on is programmed with VHDL, and etched in fabs with programmable machines.

Sure, let’s stop building the CRUD application. There are a lot of solutions out there, no business coding that. Lots of stuff to offload- waste of time.

But this web app is a standing atop a mountain of code.

It’s possible that what you’re coding is super dumb. But many people are solving the next iteration of the problem. The machinery in a factory. The controls of rocket, or autopilot for an airplane. The next iteration can’t be built with drag-and-drop.

I absolutely adore Reason- I grew up in that program. Someone built and programmed the original hardware devices back-in-the-day. And then someone else programmed the emulator.

I encourage you to dig a little deeper take some time and build something a little different. Explore programming beyond the web app. Something no one has done before.

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