How To Legally Own Another Person
Nassim Nicholas Taleb


I do agree with quite a few points you are making, but there is nothing Christian about Putin and his motivation and all his recent doings are rooted in fear and distrust of everyone. He knows that he has a good chance of ending like Chaushesku therefore he uses external politics as a detractor from internal catastrophe. Russian education is shit, Russian economy is shit, Russian juridical system is corrupted. Russian political system is a stagnating mechanism without any mobility. I think that docile political systems like US produce countries that are better for living (at least both you and me made an effort to move here). They have risk management mechanisms in place that guard the system from making extreme decisions. Like bombing Saudi Arabia after 911 for example. These mechanisms are not perfect, as Iraq, Libya and Syria still happened, but at least internally it is tough to pull off any crazy laws or actions.

Everyone likes a good behaved dog, but the wild ones are put to sleep eventually and when it happens the pendulum swings. Spain was a Catholic country that first accepted gay rights after the decades of Franco.

Radical islam is a threat as it is unapologetic and anti-rational. There should be no doubt about it. The question is what to do about it without resembling Hitler a little. Please share your thoughts in further articles.