And a 3-Step Process for Creating Alignment, Autonomy & Impact That We’ve used to Move From Idea to Profitability in 4 Months

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Whether you are working on an existing product, or developing a new one, just pause for a second to answer the following question:

What’s your unique product insight?

All great companies have one unique product insight - that thing that drives almost everything they do as a product team - yet most companies fail to understand why having a unique product insight is so important.

They get the basics all wrong.

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They look at the competition and try to base decisions off of what the competition is up to:

Which features do they have? What can we copy? What should we not bother with? How do we do a better, more simple, more enjoyable, more fill-in-the-blank version of them? …

Scrum is, as Scrum.org proudly points out, the “de-facto standard for how teams deliver software”.

It is blindly followed by 12m+ adherents on a daily basis, but where did it all start? And why is it potentially preventing your product from achieving Product-Market Fit?

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For those new to product management, a little bit of background on Scrum:

In the early 2000’s, the concept of “Agile software development” — usually just termed Agile — emerged as a response to the traditional approach to software development, where features were defined, documented, then delivered months — or years — later looking nothing like what was planned. …

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A framework for Product/Market Fit focused on our core user persona

The term “Product/Market Fit” is too often used as just a buzzword. It conjures up some vague idea of building a “good” product, whatever that may mean.

Yet Product/Market Fit — actually, the lack of Product/Market Fit — is arguably the most important concept to both understand & to act upon in order to make your product a success.

Whether you are a founder, UX Designer or Product Manager, a lack of Product/Market Fit probably lies at the heart of all your current frustrations:

Lack of autonomy, lack of purpose, building features that you don’t feel make sense & with no idea of what the value of what you are building is for your customers & for your business. …


Henry Latham

We Fast-Track PMs & POs to Head of Product at www.prod.mba | Author of https://amzn.to/32255MX | Thrive Global, Guardian, UX Planet, etc.

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