I walked away from that with a newfound sense of bitterness and cynicism that hasn’t necessarily been healthy for me.
Don’t let anyone’s enthusiasm blind you
Jon Westenberg 🌈

It’s key to find a balance between optimisim & cynicism with entrepreneurship.

Too many people err on the side of cautious, being too cynical about a new business idea, others’ intentions & always tempering their ambition.

It is, however, incredibly import to realise the gravity of your decision to step into the void of entrepreneurship.

Be optimistic, yes, but also realistic. It will be very difficult, you will make countless mistakes, you will meet people that will try to screw you over, you will meet people that are just incompetent.

So it’s important to ground yourself & never blind yourself with optimisism. It’s too easy to ignore fundamental problems with your business, as I’ve also experienced with my first company.

Find the balance, though, and you can keep the drive that comes with optimism tempered with a little wisdom and caution.

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