San Pedro de Atacama: words fail (mostly 'cause they're curse words)

I'm not a huge fan of San Pedro de Atacama. There, I said it.

I've been there twice and I regret both times. First, I went to volunteer at a shoddy hostel. Then, I went there for the World's Most Regrettable First Date. So, my problem is not exactly San Pedro de Atacama, but my poor judgement skills. I have so many bad memories of the place, I should just shut up and move on, but I do have some pictures I love.

What to do: all the classics are worth it. The Moon Valley is jaw-dropping, and it's best to go with a tour guide; the Death Valley can be reached by bike. I did that and everything was perfect up until I smashed my freaking face on the ground, but you won't be that dumb; the geyser Tatio was kind of a let down, but again, I don't like the cold weather.

Where to stay: the hostels where I stayed did not have the basic level of comfort. And I'm someone who can find comfort on a 24-hour bus trip. So, imagine that. Be prepared to suffer a bit or pay up. And have in mind everything is expensive here.

Safety: super safe. I walked around late at night with cameras, tripods, and such for some night photography and never felt I was in any danger. One thing to be aware of is, there's few street lights around the town. When I arrived I had to walk alone for a while, while it was pitch-dark. I encountered some kids, and other locals that meant no harm but it was super duper scary. Bring a flashlight, or a charged phone.

Altitude Sickness: this plagues tourists more than safety issues. Maybe it was a mixture of anger, hangover, and broken heartedness that left me imune to the symptoms, or maybe it was the candy, the leafs and the tea made out of coca, but I didn't feel a thing.

For digital nomads: Nope. You can barely find a wifi connection.

I do not know if third time is really the charm, but I intend to go there again in the future. I know the place has so many beautiful attractions. I know the locals are caring and nice. My bad memories were never about the town, and I def need a do-over.