Latinitas Board Member Spotlight: Endrica Galvan Hardwick

Give a warm welcome to Latinitas’ new board member, Endrica Galvan Hardwick. Endrica has been in the technology industry for more than 20 years and has held professional roles including IT Manager, Software Quality Manager, and IT Operations Service Manager.

Through her experience as a Latina woman, Endrica has developed a life of perseverance which builds character; and through character, hope. Her top core values are faith, family, love, joy, peace, compassion, and helping others. Endrica and her husband of 9 years, Kelly, have four children and two grandchildren who are their gift, heritage, and reward.

What is your main interest and motivation for serving on the Latinitas Board?

Latinitas’ mission is deeply meaningful to me because it focuses on empowering young minority girls. I’m motivated to serve them as a mentor, champion, and friend. I want to provide them a path to success as they develop into young adults as well as encourage and help them to pursue STEM careers and live a healthy work/life balance.

In your opinion, what are the most important issues facing Latina youth today?

Latina youth lacks access to several key factors such as leadership opportunities, professional and positive mentors, exposure to technology, self-confidence, and parental involvement. This is due to some or all of the following factors: discrimination, stereotyping, poverty, immigration status, and the ability or pressure to chose between speaking English vs Spanish.

What goals and objectives would you consider important for Latinitas at this time?

We should be helping Latina youth to stay in school and graduate high school, providing the resources for them to know the next steps to take and prepare for college. We must also teach girls to use rhetoric persuasion, equip them to respectfully make a stance by giving them a voice so they can persuade others to see their viewpoints.

What’s another skill or experience you would share with others?

In addition to my everyday job, I am involved with several Dell Employee Resource Groups (ERG): Latino Connection — Supporting Dell’s Hispanic & Latin Communities. I am serving and leading in two pillars: Career Pillar and Community Pillar. Through these roles, I am able to help implement a mentor program for Dell’s Latino employees, and planning events at Dell’s campus to bring awareness to our Hispanic & Latin culture.

I am also a freelance dance instructor! A lifetime learner and always growing. I have a big heart to give back and share my joy for dance with others, whether it is through teaching a class or performing. Dance has taught me the three Ds: Discipline, Dedication, and Determination. Those attributes are also applied in everything else I do in life.

People perceive me as trustworthy, generous, compassionate, and a person who values others, which is consistent with how I see myself. I am seeking to be part of an organization that will embrace these attributes and provides a platform for me to help others soar.