Meet our second Cohort of Code Chicas!


This week, our second cohort of Code Chicas began their certification program where will they will engage with a coding language that is relevant to learn, valuable to master, and beneficial to showcase as a professional skill. These students are learning to code their own websites and will be visited by technology professionals throughout the program. Check out the bios about our newest group of soon to be master coders!


Hi everyone! My name is Parul. I will be a freshman at Round Rock High School in the fall. I wanted to participate in the Code Chica program because I know that although a future job in computers is not what I want, having the knowledge of coding is a good tool to have under my belt. A future goal of mine is to pursue a career in astronomy or robotics. In middle school I was an avid participant in the Lego Robotics team, and I’m hoping to take that experience of working as part of a team and under pressure into high school and life beyond. I’m excited to be in Debate club next year at Round Rock. I’m really looking forward to taking Orchestra in high school because I love music. I play the violin as part of my school orchestra and as part of a band that performs classical Indian music.


Yooo! My name is Madison, a.k.a MadDog. I am entering my senior year of highschool at Harmony school of Endeavor. I play volleyball in school for about 2 year. I love music so I learned some instruments that include flute, piccolo, piano and I dabble in singing ;) , but flute is what I am best at. I have been paying for about 5 years. When I graduate I would like to attend Baylor University because of its great Med. school. I joined Code Chica Program by force, by my mother, but I actually enjoyed it a lot and I am looking forward to learning more about coding.


My name is Sophie. I have just finished my freshman year at Lehman Highschool and I will be a sophomore this coming school year. What inspired me to participate in the Code Chica Program is that I had previously done a little bit of coding in middle school, and was interested to get a little more involved with it. A future goal of mine is to branch off and explore different elective options my school offers and have a possible career in mind.


Hi, my name’s Brianna. I just recently finished 8th grade at Ridgeview Middle school and will now be heading into my freshman year at Cedar Ridge High school. I want to be a professional soccer player when I enter college, playing specifically for Texas A&M. I play soccer both for my club and school. I was inspired to participate in Code Chica because of the environment, being with a bunch of girls who have the same goal as I give me the confidence I’ve been looking for. I’ve been having trouble with my motivation to continue learning code, so if me being here will raise my confidence and motivation, then I am more than happy to stay.


My name is Akshita. I just finished 8th grade at Walsh Middle School and I will be entering my freshman year at Round Rock High School. I want to be a doctor (I don’t know which type yet) so I am looking forward to taking courses related to Health Sciences in college. I wanted to participate in this Code Chica because 21st century is all about technology and I want to learn something new about tech. I found this Code Chica would be a good way to learn these new skills. In school, I do UIL (University Interscholastic League) which is a way to participate in clubs through schools. You compete with other schools with prior knowledge and things you know after learning. Outside of school, I do Indian Classical Dance called Bharatanatyam and I do Tae Kwon Do. Lastly I have a part-time job at a center called Kumon where you help kids learn and teach them skills at an earlier stage for it to be easier for them at school.


Hi, My name is Anwita and I will be a freshman at Meridian this coming year. I chose to participate in Code Chica because our world is really growing in technological advancements, and coding will always be a good skill to have in my skill set. I didn’t want to limit myself to only taking part in learning experiences that line up with my current interests, as learning is always learning and I know nothing goes to waste. I am looking forward to explore my passions for world cultures and languages and with these passions I’m interested in studying international relations and diplomacy during my university years. Outside of school, I spend a lot of time in a club called MUN, Model United Nations, in which I am in the secretariat for two conferences and participate as a delegate in a couple conferences every year, which is what sparked my interest in foreign affairs. I also do classical Indian dance and music and TaeKwonDo. I have had a great experience at Code Chica getting a taste of the technological future that I’ll grow up in, and take these great skills to.


My name is Komali. I have just graduated out of 8th grade from Walsh Middle School. I’m excited to go into my freshman year at Round Rock High School. I wanted to participate in the CodeChicas program because I thought that it would be fun and educational. One goal that I have set for myself in the future is to go to UT Austin with a major in Computer Science and Engineering.


I am Trisha and I am going to be an upcoming junior at The Ann Richard School for Young Women Leaders. I decided to participate in a summer program called Code Chicas as a way to experiment and seek out new possibilities into different STEM careers. Although I am currently participating in STEM camps, in the future I hope to pursue a career in the science field as a Cardiologist. What I enjoy about coding is the ability to be creative and being able to see your work instantaneously. I am looking forward to use skills I’ve acquired throughout my years in STEM courses and apply them in a thought-provoking internship/job, within a passionate organization.


My name is Abhishikta, but almost everyone calls me Abhi. I just finished my last year at Walsh Middle school and I will be heading into my 9th grade year at Round Rock High School this coming year. I am looking forward to taking a health science course this upcoming year because I want to be a pediatrician when I grow up. I love to dance, and read. I also love to draw and write because it helps me express my feelings and opinions. I have a part-time job at my local kumon center, and I volunteer at a nonprofit organization that provides help and opportunities to the less fortunate in India. It also has a woman empowerment group as well as an eco friendly group. I am an alumnus of the Walsh Middle School Robotics team. I also have my 2nd degree blackbelt in Taekwondo, I have been training for four years. I enjoy coding because it helps me create things I never imagined I could. I chose to be a Code Chica participant because the future is tech and I want to be an active part of that very bright future.


My name is Risha. I’m going to be a freshman at Round Rock High School this coming year. I always had an interest in STEM for a long time and learning to code by being a participant at Code Chica is one way I wanted to explore that. Coding is the future and I wanted to learn the skill because I think that it’s essential for the future. I’ve done robotics for the past three years and I hope to study in a field related to Robotics/AI and Physics. I’m excited for English and French next year because I love writing and languages. I play two instruments, piano and violin, and have been in orchestra for all of middle school and plan to continue in high school.


My name is Diya. I have just graduated from Walsh Middle School and am now going into ninth grade at Round Rock High School. When I grow up, I hope to become an engineer. I am taking computer science in high school, so I hope that I will be able to discover what kind of en engineer I want to be. I was inspired to participate in Code Chica because I have always been interested in working with technology. I have participated in Lego robotics for two years and Destination Imagination for 3 years. Also, technology is changing really rapidly and I want to be a part of that change. My biggest future goal is to do something that makes a change in this world and I think that I have the biggest chance of doing this through technology.


My name is Sritha. My last year at Pearson Ranch Middle School has come to an end and I’m going to be a freshman at Westwood High School. During the 8th Grade, I didn’t participate in much, but for the things I did do I made sure to put my soul into. I was in Yearbook, NJHS, and I participated in JRVASE twice (once in 7th grade and once in 8th) receiving 4s (the highest score) for all the pieces I entered. My future goal is to work in Forensics — or Taco Bell. Whichever one comes first. I chose to participate in Code Chica because I wanted to learn how to have fun while coding and gain new experiences.


My name is OreOmo and I am currently a high school graduate. I graduated from Chaparral Star Academy. I will be a freshman at Austin Community College this coming school year, and I will major in engineering. Mechatronics engineering to be precise. My mom told me about the Code Chica program and what it is about and I got inspired because coding/programming is something I have always wanted to learn ever since I got interested in STEM. I am looking forward to taking engineering labs in college because I have heard they are really fun. I enjoy coding because I love building stuff and coding helps me do that. I also enjoy the fact that I can see the results of what I am building immediately. I have a lot of hobbies but the ones I enjoy the most are singing, playing guitar and doing projects (tech related or not). I have a lot of volunteer experience under my belt. I work at the children’s department in my church and I teach kids during Sunday School. My church organized a serve day project where it gave free car washes to people in the community and I was one of the volunteers. I organized a youth concert at my church back in Nigeria.


My name is Gabrielle. I will be entering my junior year at Smithville High School. At this high school, I look forward to taking the robotics classes as well as learning new programming languages. I enjoy coding because it has become a part of me over the years. As I look to the future, I want to go to Rice University or the University of Texas. I want to pursue a career in computer engineering, and embrace my love of learning new languages; not just the typical languages spoken out loud.


My name is Katie. I just finished my sophomore year and I am going to be a junior at Chaparral Star Academy. In school, I am an officer in NHS and yearbook, and I am the founder of the engineering club. I also play cello in the Austin Youth Orchestra, and have an interest in learning instruments and listening to music. I currently volunteer at the Georgetown St. David’s Hospital during the summers. In the future, I want to major in mechanical engineering, and hopefully I can find a job where I can be constantly active like in a refinery or at a rig. I chose to participate in the Code Chica program because I have taken python courses in the past and I thought this could be a fun experience.


My name is Shruti. I’m going to be a freshman this coming year at Round Rock High School. When I grow up, I want to be a pediatric oncologist, so I will be taking health science courses in high school. I wanted to participate in the Code Choice program because I know that in the future everything will be technology based, so coding will become a very sought after skill. Also, I find it fun to code and see the end result that you made.


My name is Sia and I am currently going to Harmony School of Endeavor. I am now going into the eight grade. The reason I came to Latinitas is because my mom heard of this place and thought it would be cool if I could learn how to code. I decided to make an art website because I love to draw all different types of art except sculptures because I think they are kind of boring. Some of my favorite type of art are music and I was going to do music but I also love to draw and so I decided to do art because there are a lot of different types of art. I also played soccer for 2 years and volleyball for 1 year.

Interested in becoming a Code Chica? There’s still time to sign up for our next cohort! Use the link below to check out and sign up for the free certification program.


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