Smarter renting, better living.

Jan 17 · 4 min read

How we live is changing

Something interesting is happening, possession is not as important as it once was. By switching from owning objects to accessing services, we gain a wealth of choice and flexibility never before possible. Thanks to advances in tech this seismic shift continues to revolutionise many areas of society. From streaming our favourite songs instead of owning music files, to getting around the city with a tap of our phone, in favour of owning a car. These transformations empower us with the freedom to live a life that is on our terms.

We believe where we call home will also benefit from a similar shift. Traditionally the main argument for house ownership is that owning your home is an investment. With no guarantee that house prices will continue to rise this is simply not the case. This doesn’t take into account the maintenance fees for when things inevitably go wrong, or are due an upgrade.

Renting also keeps you agile as you are free to move when your situation changes. Whether that’s for a dream job in a new city, or the opportunity to travel the world. By contrast, by owning a property with a mortgage you are tied to a location for the long term.

Unfortunately the current rental system, as we are all too aware, is fundamentally flawed by bad landlords and properties not built for purpose. This has been worsened by a property price fuelled housing crisis. The result is that people are increasingly unable to afford deposits, leaving them with no option but to rent, often in poor conditions. A fact particularly true for the younger generations. 35% of 25–36 year olds were renting in 2017.

Our Mission

We are regrowing the world of renting so that it is smarter, friendlier and simpler. We believe smarter renting opens the door to better living and this has been integral to our development of the new Latis brand.

Our approach is to put people at the heart of the process, ensuring that their home and community is a place to thrive. To achieve this, we are partnering with the best architects, designers, companies and also renters, to deliver high quality homes that are purpose-built and look great. With every development, we look at it from the perspective of the people who live there, creating future-ready communities.

We are passionate about reducing our impact on the planet and are committed to making house building more sustainable. Thanks to our innovative supply chain and land ownership structure we have a unique opportunity to set the bar for sustainability in wide scale house building. We believe our new world of renting will be a movement for positive change. After all, better living also means having a home that is in harmony with our values and principles.

People, Planet, Design

To help guide us along our journey to achieving our vision we have the following three core values.


We put people at the heart of everything we do and it is their experience that drives us. Our vision is fair, inclusive and open to all.


We look to minimise our environmental impact and take action to tackle the climate emergency where ever possible.


Good design uplifts the everyday. Instead of focussing on trends we deliver well considered design, that is sustainable, across all aspects of Latis.

The spirit of circular

We are in business to grow communities into blooming, thriving places that can be enjoyed by all. This is why for our new brand we took inspiration from the greatest of homes, our planet. The circular nature of planet earth means that nothing is wasted and everything is connected.

With this in mind, our identity is formed by combining the infinity symbol with the first letter of Latis, to create a clean but charming looping ‘L’. The mark acts as a reminder for us to make living better, through every iteration. All whilst reducing our environmental impact and reusing all materials where possible.

Alongside the clean geometric look, we are using hand drawn illustrations to add a personable feel to Latis. Our fresh identity reflects our new approach to a largely tired housing market. The time for smarter renting has arrived.


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Smarter renting, better living.

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