With WandaVision’s final episode released into the streaming world, we invited 300 people into our interactive video application Lumiere, where they viewed the trailer for that episode and offered reactions to the much talked about Disney+ series and its main character. Here is what we learned about the viewers’ take on Wanda…

A Bewitching Good Time: Wanda Channels the Golden Age of Television

WandaVision pays direct tribute to several of the golden ages of television (long before the one we’re experiencing now) and in particular to shows like The Honeymooners, I Dream of Jeannie, Bewitched, The Dick Van Dyke Show and, more recently, Modern Family.

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“So much sadly is still the same, and different at the same time. It shows the dreams MLK had for us are the ones we are still pressing towards for the future generations.”

While the thoughts and opinions of media personalities around Black Lives Matter (BLM) have had lots of exposure over the past few months, there’s been less amplification of regular people’s experiences.

We wanted to more deeply explore the impact of BLM and illuminate how it’s been received on a personal level. So we asked 600 people to send us photos, videos, quotes, or any other piece of…

Promotional content — including promos, trailers, key art, and more — is central to how content producers and distributors generate awareness, interest, and actions in relation to their series, including new series launches, premieres for new seasons of ongoing series, and key episodes (e.g., a season finale).

Clients use Lumiere — our video diagnostic software — to optimize promotional content to most effectively drive interest and viewing. Lumiere helps clients evaluate overall effectiveness, as well as identify and explore which moments, characters, and features are most powerfully driving interest.

To demonstrate, we used Lumiere to conduct a promo evaluation test…

“I believe any woman who is in the political arena is aware of the issues faced by all much more than men. Women have more compassion and common sense and want to do things that are correct and binding.”

According to a recent study by the Center for the Study of Women in Television & Film, the story around representations of women as protagonists is trending upwards — but we’d be hard-pressed to say it’s a completed hero’s journey. While 40% of films in 2019 featured female protagonists (up from 31% in 2018), women only made up 26% of leaders.

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“My favorite drive in experience was when I was 12. We went to this drive-in in Birmingham that they were hosting to raise money for charity. The movie was Godzilla and it was the first time I saw that movie. Ever since then I loved that movie so much because it reminds me of my adolescence.”

Behold yet another completely unforeseen turn of events in the wild ride that is 2020: drive-in movie theaters, which until fairly recently had been an endangered species patronized mostly by the nostalgic and the novelty-seeking, are making a comeback.

People are flocking to the…

Content in the late night genre has had to make some striking adjustments during the time of COVID-19 — in particular with the move to an “at-home” production format rather than the previous “in-studio” format.

Given the genre’s singular characteristics (i.e., occupying the intersections between comedy and news, linear and digital/social consumption, and longform and shortform content), we thought it would be fun and illuminating to take a deep dive into how late night shows have adapted to this new format. …

In the previous study in our Great Escape series — delving into viewing behaviors during the COVID-19 pandemic — we explored which characters viewers were most engaging with during lockdown (and why). This time around we’re taking another close look at characters, focusing on those in kids’ series specifically.

We wanted to explore which characters kids are getting the most enjoyment out of while watching series during recent weeks and months, and what specifically is making these characters so compelling. …

The seriousness of the global threat of COVID-19, and the necessity of national and international coordination in the fight against it, has placed immense demands on leaders across the globe.

Women leaders in particular have been commended for rising to the challenge — see recent articles in the Washington Post, Forbes, and The Atlantic — which has extended to both their actions and policies as well as their communications to their citizenship and the broader world.

We conducted a study to discover what has made these women so successful, in particular focusing on how their communications — whether via press…

As a significant component of their growth strategy, streaming media companies (e.g., Netflix, Amazon) & TV networks are in the midst of ramping up their acquisition of and production pipelines for global series.

The domestic audience and demand for streaming series is expanding (albeit at a gradual pace). In addition, global diversification of media companies’ libraries means that, as they extend their reach internationally, they have more to offer to international audiences — whether it’s locally-produced content or imports that end up being additional “foreign TV” options to explore.

Subtitles have historically been the favorite of international content connoisseurs given…

With the impact of COVID-19 already prominent in most people’s lives — and more changes likely to come in the immediate future — brands have been increasingly tailoring their messaging for maximum relevance. Whether they’re designed to inform, comfort, or inspire, brand communications in this new era have been recalibrated to speak to viewers in a way that feels valuable, meaningful, and attentive.

How successful have these efforts been so far, what types of messages and moments are working best, and what do viewers ideally want to see in this type of messaging going forward? …


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