Talent Agencies for Actors in 2019

Getting and finding an acting agent for your talent is hard.

Not only is there a lot of talent agencies to be found, but with 2019 and the rise of social media, it can be hard to become an actor with little or no experience. While most talent agencies seek actors with at least something on their resume, acting schools or professional services can help get you off your feet too.

Talent Agencies in NYC can be found with help

To locate a talent agency, it is always best to focus on a major market like New York or Los Angeles, California.

If it is not possible for you to travel, second tier markets like Miami or Chicago are popular. Talent agencies in New York include Major Models, a management company specializing in editorial talent. Zuri Models works with children models and actors.

Some other agencies for actors is Abrams and for Los Angeles, Next Models works with models. If you are unable to land an agent, Latitude Talent is a service to help models and actors get stated. Acting coaches and trainers can help improve you odds or getting sign as well.