There is no blueprint for what happens next when a Black, goal-oriented, Type A, self-injuring, bulimic turns one year older

Credit: Flashpop/Getty Images

I have a confession: I hate my birthday.

This year, July slid past me with the efficacy of a pickpocket: after it was long gone, I realized that something precious was taken from me. When the month of August arrived, I could feel the dread literally choking me, and I…

Ugandan-American Jessica Nabongo is on a quest to visit every country in the world. Learn how she’s changing the travel narrative while having the adventure of a lifetime.

Photographs by Anjelica Jardiel

Cultural ambassador Jessica Nabongo’s work is about changing the travel narrative that Westerners tell themselves when they journey abroad. She is the founder and CEO of Jet Black, a travel firm that promotes tourism to a number of countries in Africa, the Caribbean, and Central and…

Latria Graham

5th generation farmer living in Spartanburg, SC. Instagram: mslatriagraham) Twitter (@LatriaGraham) and you can read more of my work at

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