58,000 mental health professionals should lose their licenses.
Gregory Smith

We have every right to criticize public officials and figures and anyone else, It’s called the 1st Amendment. I have every right to point out how this fool is similar to narcissists I’ve personally encountered and to compare his behavior to any clinical, political or historical reference I choose. And it’s isn’t slander or libel if it’s true. And these mental health professionals not only have the right to say what they did, they have a legal foundation backing up their duty to do so in certain circumstances. I bet you didn’t vociferously object to the unprecedented onslaught of racist hate speech launched against former President Obama, some of which did incite to riot, advocate violence, threaten, and was even pornographic, all exceptions to the rights of expression guaranteed under the 1st Amendment. You, on the other hand, don’t have to read or agree with it. The Constitution is a beautiful thing isn’t it? If you’re so upset about it though, feel free to immigrate to any country with a government more aligned with your views. May I suggest Iran, Brazil, or Russia?

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