Putting one’s friends through a political litmus test, such as “donate to my causes, or we’re not…

I just wrote a letter to a once-friend and I wish I had your eloquence. What most folks on the opposing side won’t see is that these decisions are painful and tearful and gut wrenching. I didn’t want to lose this friend. But lose her I did. Not because of politics or because of an election result or because she won’t support my causes. I lost her because I can’t trust her. I can’t trust her around my queer friends or my black friends or my immigrant friends. I can’t trust her around my child. She’s gone her way to practice ‘balance’ which is really code for ‘don’t make me uncomfortable I’m not racist/homophobic/xenophobic’. And I’ll go my way kicking and screaming. Anything to keep this hatred from becoming normalized. I’m sorry that you find yourself in this position in our country AND we will stand.

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