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Growth is the number one goal for most companies, whether they’re startups, corporations, or SMBs. But it’s also the number one challenge.

Companies have gone to great lengths to try to create growth and generate growth ideas: hacks, consultants, unorthodox tactics, mastermind groups, workshops, and more.

Yet sustainable growth still eludes most companies — just ask the thousands of startups who aren’t able to make it past infancy.

But growth isn’t a mythical creature. There are companies and growth professionals who have been able to grow organizations in a sustainable and repeatable manner. …

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Here are some of the highlights provided by Launch Academy on the Fireside Chat with Travis Kalanick:

The room buzzed with local entrepreneurs and supporters of the multi-national ridesharing service, all of whom shared the overarching question of Kalanick’s vision and goals for bringing Uber back to Vancouver.

The fireside chat kicked off with Kalanick describing his early days as a budding entrepreneur — his first startup, an SAT prep tutoring business which he launched in his neighbourhood at the ripe age of 18. Kalanick described his passion for technology (sprouted from his early coding days from sixth grade), helped mark his path to building various ventures in peer-to-peer sharing such as Scour and Red Swoosh, which eventually led him to build the ridesharing empire known today, as Uber. …


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