LNCH Dark Pool Protocol Decentralized Exchange and All Encompassing Blockchain Operating System Unveils Year-Long Token Distribution

NASSAU, Bahamas, Thursday, April 26, 2018 — Lightning Cash (LNCH), the first blockchain operating system designed utilizing lightning network engineering to facilitate anonymous decentralized exchange (DEX) dark pool protocol (DPP) applications, today officially announced further details for its cryptocurrency token distribution to open on Monday, April 30, 2018, in the Ethereum main network blockchain.

The LNCH Token distribution follows a groundbreaking participation model, facilitating among the most transparent and panoptic tokenized product launches, that will take place over the course of one year.

“To ensure inclusivity and opportunity, LNCH Tokens have no pre-determined price; rather price is set by the users who will launch the product. This applies the market demand mechanics of mining algorithms to distribution without giving potential unfair advantages to economies of scale,” said Takeo Harada, one of the more than thirty elite global advisors to LaunchPAD Inc., the Bahamian blockchain development company designing, tokenizing, and publishing the LNCH technology as a free, open source product for third party users to launch.

LaunchPAD Inc. will distribute fourteen trillion LNCH ERC-20 compatible tokens, called “LNCH Tokens,” over 341 days starting on April 30, 2018, at 13:00:00 UTC, and following the deployment schedule below:

  • Seven trillion (7,000,000,000,000) LNCH Tokens will be distributed during the first 5 day period of deployment.
  • Seven trillion (7,000,000,000,000) LNCH Tokens will then be split evenly into 350 consecutive 23 hour periods of twenty billion (20,000,000,000) LNCH Tokens each beginning on May 5, 2018.

LNCH is being designed to consolidate all blockchain technologies into one, all encompassing operating system that will be able to scale mainstream development of decentralized dark pool exchanges for the purposes of facilitating anonymous distributed data services and private peer to peer microcredit. LNCH adopts the asynchronous communication and parallel processing of delegated proof of stake (DPOS), which has been in development since 2014, to support millions of transactions per second, higher than that of Google and Facebook at 40 and 52 thousand per second, respectively.

LNCH is being developed as a buildable, scalable, and flexible software to automatically support existing technology such as the lightning network, with a plan to absorb all distributed lightning applications (DLAPPS) into a graphical user experience installable onto existing machines as an operating system that will have the same look and feel as its centralized counterparts. These applications will include features such as eliminating the requirement for the user to pay a fee for every transaction or the need to manage thousands of seemingly incompatible tokens, wallets, nodes, and mining algorithms in order to support thousands of different applications and their respective user interfaces.

The expansive launch team is being led by talented entrepreneurs and advisors including:

  • Niaoniao Ma, Chief Emissary and Chief of Staff: Tech Entrepreneur, Private Equity and Venture Capitalist.
  • Takara Satone, Chief Digital Product and User Interaction Designer: Student at UC Berkeley, majoring in Computer and Cognitive Sciences.
  • Takeo Harada, Chief Global Strategical Intelligence Analysis Advisor: CEO of IISIA, Member of the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) and the B20 Entrepreneurship Taskforce.
  • Mike Onghai, Chief Venture Advisor: CEO of LookSmart and Snowy August Capital, Entrepreneur, Hedge Fund Manager, Venture Capitalist, and Chartered Financial Analyst.
  • Dr. Ken Mayers, Chief Creative Advisor: PhD in Comparative Literature, Teacher at Bergen County Academies since 1994.
  • Jai Krishnani, Global Partnership and Development Advisor: Who joins through partnership with Bahrain based development company, UrbanSoft.

Full details of the token distribution are disclosed at the official website, lnch.org (https://lnch.org).

About LaunchPAD Inc.

LaunchPAD Inc. is a developer of technology solutions including blockchain software development. With consultants and advisors based around the world, including in Asia and the U.S., the company focuses on consumer-grade technology solutions that are free for everyone to voluntarily launch, including LNCH, an open source blockchain operating system. For more information visit the official company website, launchpad.services.


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