How a Simple Conversion Funnel Got This Retail Store $48K in New Sales

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Ever heard of “shiny object syndrome?” Well we have it. Literally.

Earlier this year, we started working with McKenzie & Smiley Jewelers, a family-owned jewelry business with two retail locations and a growing online presence.

And while you might think that Launchpeer only works with tech startups, we also partner with plenty of brick-and-mortar businesses around the country, bringing in efficiency and growth hacking strategies of tech world to help them get ahead of the curve.

McKenzie & Smiley had implemented a few marketing efforts on their own (namely, social media outreach and in-store promotions), but they were ready to really ramp up traffic and sales. We knew immediately that they needed a conversion funnel.

Building the Funnel

We chose to create a conversion funnel that would coincide with their in-store Mother’s Day promotion. First, we built a custom, mobile responsive landing page using Unbounce (one of our favorite tools for funnel building).

Landing pages are a critical piece of the conversion funnel puzzle. They enable you to drive traffic to a super-targeted campaign, and (better yet), they allow you to track exactly where that traffic is coming from and capture their information via opt-in forms. Hello, real sales leads!

As a quick comparison, their 2016 Mother’s Day campaign was centered around a downloadable Gift Guide. Their Facebook followers had to download the guide, zoom in to look at products, and take a screenshot of the coupon to bring into the store. Plus, the PDF didn’t give McKenzie & Smiley any way to capture real leads — there was no opt-in form or analytics.

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2016 Gift Guide PDF

Now don’t get us wrong: branded downloads can be great. But landing pages give you SO much more flexibility and are incredibly user friendly (which means you’re less likely to lose people in the sales process). What started as a stagnant PDF transformed into a mobile friendly, interactive “website” geared specifically towards that month’s in-store promotions.

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2017 clickable lead page

Driving Traffic and Sales

The second step in a conversion funnel involves driving traffic to your new landing page. To do this for McKenzie & Smiley, we set up two location-targeted Facebook Ad campaigns with a total ad spend of $100.

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So how did the conversion funnel work?

In just two weeks, we got a 25% conversion rate on our landing page. Our conversions for this campaign were in the top 10 percentile, beating out 90% of our competitors.

Even better, McKenzie & Smiley saw a $48,000 jump in sales (that’s a 26% increase) compared to that same sales period in May 2016.

Conversion funnels are one of the most effective ways to ramp up your online marketing efforts, capture new leads, and gain new customers.

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