Launchpeer looks to democratize startups with Startup-as-a-Service offering

Nashville, TN — Today Launchpeer, a web and mobile application development agency based in Nashville and Charleston, are announcing the launch of their Startup-as-a-Service offering, designed to democratize the startup process by making it easier and more cost effective for entrepreneurs to build their businesses.

Launchpeer says their experience working with entrepreneurs, startups and tech hubs around the world has shown them there is a problem with the existing infrastructure designed to help startups grow. “90% of our clients have been small startups, struggling to define what they should build, how to fund it, all without really having a process in place to validate it to begin with” says founder Jake Hare. “There’s a lot of mentors, incubators, accelerators, investors and VCs out there but few get to the root of what most startups really need to begin with, before spending time and money, which is implementing a proven system to help them launch without being too costly in terms of price or equity.”

The company has decided to focus all it’s efforts on helping early stage entrepreneurs, founders and startups. “Early stage, pre-funded startups have accounted for an overwhelming majority of our business. Shifting our focus completely to this group will allow us to taylor our services and processes to better serve that market” says founder Jake Hare. Part of that shift is the Startup-as-a-Service offering which will be at the forefront of Launchpeer’s operations moving forward.

The Startup-as-a-Service offering is an end to end process designed to take startups from idea to product launch in 20 weeks or less. It features four Phases, each representing part of an early stage startup’s development, and each with a fixed price and timeline. The Phases are Validation, Discovery, Prototype and Iteration, with startups choosing which Phase to begin in depending on their progress before working with Launchpeer. The Startup-as-a-Service program also includes access to legal, financial and team building services at no extra cost from Launchpeer’s partner network of startup-focused businesses.

Likely the most interesting part of the program is the financing that Launchpeer has put in place. Entrepreneurs can choose from three financing options, which include paying for Phases in full for a discount, paying a 50% deposit with monthly payments thereafter, and lastly some startups can qualify for 12–24 month financing with no down payment. Jake says the financing options are meant to help entrepreneurs who are finding money to be a roadblock to success. “We know money is always an issue, especially very early on in a startup’s life, but hopefully this is one less thing an entrepreneur will have to worry about. I don’t want people to have any excuse to not build their business, especially if that excuse is money.”

Launchpeer LLC is a web and mobile application development agency focusing on entrepreneurs and startups around the globe. The company has offices in Nashville, TN and Charleston, SC.