Sam Parr (Founder of The Hustle & Hustle Con) Shares His Best Advice for Early-Stage Entrepreneurs

For those of you who have been living under a rock (JK, but seriously, where have you been?!), we’re less than a month away from Launch Summit, the first-ever 100% virtual conference dedicated to helping startups grow. As we gear up for the web event, we’re sharing some insights from a few of our incredible speakers.

Our latest Q&A is with Sam Parr, Founder and CEO of The Hustle and Hustle Con, one of America’s fastest-growing media companies with a focus on millennials, tech, and culture. Sam has started (and sold) multiple profitable companies and has a TON of great insight to share. (Cough, cough: you should probably register for his talk this September). Here’s a look into his journey and a sneak peek at what you’ll learn next month.

You’ve shared thousands of tech and business stories in the last couple of years. What’s the craziest/biggest/funniest/weirdest one you’ve ever come across? Or one you were MOST excited to include?

Without a doubt, this story on Rocket Internet. Basically, Rocket Internet is a $10B company in Germany. The guys who started it are three brothers. Their business plan is simple: clone popular Silicon Valley startups but in Eupore, Asia, and Africa. They literally copy everything about a company. They are execution kings and have raised billions in funding because they grow from spending a ton on marketing and try to get bigger than the original company that they cloned. Their goal is eventually to get bought by the original company but nowadays they’ve grown so fast that they are too big. It’s a wild story about winning, stealing, and being an asshole…all of which are fun to read about.

The Hustle always has awesome headlines & sub-headers, both in the daily email and on your blog. How do you guys come up with those…and how do you maintain that level of creativity?

Hire creative people. I don’t write much anymore. Our writers are very creative, funny people. Some of them want to be comedy writers when they ‘grow up’. It’s a bad answer, but they’re just really, really funny and interesting people who come up with great stuff. Boring people can’t do this job.

You’ve built a media platform with over 400K subscribers, launched an event (Hustle Con) with over 2500 attendees, and recently raised $1M. If you had to credit ONE thing for your success & growth, what would it be and why?

Well, the people are the obvious one. My co-founder and team actually do way more ‘work’ than I do…I just put people together, raise funding, hire, and make sure things are going well. Besides that, at our core, we are not afraid to be different. It’s more important to be different than better. We know this. So we aren’t afraid to really be different.

What’s your best piece of advice for a new, early-stage entrepreneur who’s looking to scale?

Don’t put your heroes on a pedestal. I used to think my business heroes were better than me. Then I met them. They weren’t/aren’t. Yes, people who build huge companies work hard as hell, are super smart, and have a lot of luck…but so do I. And, if you’re reading this (a blog about starting companies), you most likely cross the intelligence threshold of having what it takes. So, when you see someone big, think that you and them are the same and use that to push away any fear.

Ready to learn more from Sam? Here are a few things you can expect from his Launch Summit talk:

  1. How he grew The Hustle’s email list from 0–150K in six months
  2. How he built such a strong community — so strong that they gave him cash (like, $300K in cash)!
  3. How he built such a badass brand and a team who’s bought into the company and its growth

See you in September!