5 Tips for Finding Joy in Recovery

Starting to walk down the path of recovery can be scary at the beginning, but as many have testified before, living a sober life can be full of new experiences and joy. Recovery is a time of starting over and building a new life, a life full of joy and opportunities that you weren’t able to experience before. To help you on your path to a new joy-filled life, here are 5 tips for finding joy on your recovery journey.

1. Live in the Present Moment

Focusing on the past or on future events that have not yet happened can take you out of the present and take your mind for a trip down a negative path. By focusing on what is happening right now, instead of the past or future, you are better able to focus, find peace and keep a clear mind.

You will find that as you live more in the present, you are able to see the beauty in more things and find happiness in places you never would have expected to before. Living in the present allows you to be there fully for your friends and family, or whoever else is around you, as well as being there fully for yourself. Meditation, yoga and other mindfulness techniques can help you learn and master the art of being in the present moment.

2. Treat Yourself with Kindness

Treating yourself kindly is a key step to living a joy filled life. Eating well, getting enough sleep, exercising, spending time with family and friends and relaxing are all things that can help you be healthy and happy. Treating yourself with kindness increases motivation, happiness, and self-worth, as well as helping you create a more balanced and peaceful mindset. As you treat yourself the way you deserve to be treated, with respect and love, you will find the hard times in your life easier to navigate and feel a change in how you approach the world and any problems that may come up.

3. Forgive

Forgiveness is not always easy, whether it be forgiving ourselves or forgiving others. As hard as it is, however, forgiveness is an important step toward healing and being able to move on from the past. Everyone makes mistakes and these mistakes can often make you feel angry, but as you forgive the anger and hurt you feel can be released and you will feel free to move on from the past and step into a new and better future.

It’s been said that holding onto anger is like drinking poison and expecting the other person to die. Don’t let yourself be poisoned by something that is in your power to release. You are worth forgiveness, both for yourself and for those who may have hurt you in the past.

4. Develop Meaningful Relationships

Having and building close relationships with those around you is an important step, and can provide you with support and help as you need. Joining a fellowship, spending time with your family and friends, and attending various social activities can all help you build a close network of people in your life. Having people on whom you can rely to be there for you and support you through whatever you are going through in life can help you to have a sense of comfort even when life gets hard, because you know you have people who will be there for you through thick and thin. And just as they are there for you, you are able to be there for them as well throughout their lives.

The need to feel loved is inherent in all of us, and as you surround yourself with that love and support, you will find it easier to take life one, one day at a time.

5. Serve

Serving others is a big part of the recovery journey. Getting out of your own head and helping others not only helps you feel good about what you are doing, but can also help you to learn more about yourself and what you are capable of accomplishing. By serving those around you, whether it be small or large, you are able to brighten up someone’s day. Sometimes we feel too tired or unqualified to help others, but as you do what you can, when you can, you find that even one small act of service can go a long way.

As you work on living a sober, joy-filled life, you will find yourself recognizing that being joyful does not always mean being ecstatic or smiling 24/7. It does mean being content with yourself and your life and recognizing that you are worth being happy and free from the prison of addiction. Don’t let addiction hold you back any longer; start your recovery journey today and discover just how much joy you can have in life.