How Obama Brought About Brexit
Michael A. Eisenberg: Six Kids And A Full Time Job

Sorry, but this is complete garbage, most notably with this, which is some dog-whistle racism: “The Progressive agenda has all day for Gay Marriage and no empathy for those who are being left behind economically by the technology revolution and socially by multi-culturalism.” Progressives have been fighting for policies that help the working class since LBJ, including SCHIP, raising the minimum wage, family leave, sick leave, Medicaid expansion, equal pay, family planning/Title X, and the Affordable Care Act. Republicans have killed or tried to kill all of that, along with unions, and there’s a direct line between the decline of unions and the decline of the middle class. What we need to do is raise taxes on the wealthy and strengthen the social safety net. It’s not “both sides”, and I’m tired of the side that’s trying to help being blamed for the obstruction of the other.