Why searching for a cure might just be a crock
Bobbie Johnson

Genes = tick, Toxins = tock

A number of chronic diseases are the result of unfortunate combinations of gene types and toxins, which trigger inflammation and fuel a host of chronic diseases. CF may not be one of them. But there is hope for many.

I was sick for 20 years with fibromyalgia and other mystery symptoms. It got much worse in the last year. The wheels were coming off the bus. Then, by the grace of god and considerable persistence, working with a gifted functional medicine doctor I saw on my own dime and a primary care physician who never gave up on me, the functional MD heard at a conference that symptoms like mine could be caused by reactivity to dental materials.

I had mercury poisoning. So do many others. I had persistent Lyme that wasn’t fully eradicated by the cheapest generic. So do many others. I had mold toxicity from a one week visit to a condo that had sprung a leak and not been remediated properly. So do many others.

I went from 20+ years clinically older to 20+ years clinically younger. This is not rocket science. We ignore common, everyday, hidden health risks. I have met people who have recovered from ‘life sentences’ of fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome, lupus, MS, IBS, and a whole host of autoimmune, cognitive, dermatological, neurological and memory, mental status, mobility and mood problems.

Conventional medicine gives us lifelong medication for symptoms. Functional medicine gives us remediation and return to health through reverse engineering and supportive treatments. Biologic dentistry has learned to remove mercury fillings safely without further increasing your toxic load from high speed drilling with only a dental dam that does not protect the nose from mercury vapor inhalation, and to test for selection of dental materials that are “right for you.”

Genetics is a part of destiny, but in many cases, only a predisposition or susceptibility. Toxic exposures seal the deal. This is not trendy. This is not popular. This is not at the top of research agendas. The solutions are not expensive patented plays. It is back to basics on the human body and brain, and substances that are foreign to our bodies and unfriendly to our cells. The FDA puts way too many bullets in the chamber, and allows doctors and dentists to pull the trigger and install devices that are not “right for us.”

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