TPP and Dakota Access Pipeline Victories Are Our Blueprint to Defeating Trump
Bernie Sanders

Credit: Indian Country Today Media Network

#NoDAPL please join #NoDAPM: No Dental Amalgam Pipeline Mercury in Me.

Bernie Sanders: when will you join us in taking on Big Dental and Medical Devices to end the silent scourge of mercury, nickel, PET, polypropylene, and other poisoning in one out of five Americans who cannot tolerate these materials inside us? Why not tell us under right to know, pretest us for tolerance vs. toxicity, and give us the basic human and medical right of written informed consent for all devices?

Native Americans and Veterans at Standing Rock standing up for No Dakota Access Pipeline are particularly at risk, as the United States Government is the largest purchaser of mercury dental amalgam for use in Indian Health Service, Medicaid, the Military, and VA. This is a travesty. All are high risk groups who can least tolerate mercury if they have common gene types, given the use of sweat lodges, rodeo and horseback riding, and war injuries that impact the jaw and teeth. Tiny amounts of mercury off-gas from amalgam with heat and abrasion.

Just as we all cannot eat peanut butter, wear latex gloves, or get the same blood type transfusion, we cannot all tolerate such 24/7/365 exposures, and develop inflammatory allergic and autoimmune reactions. Device misplacement, migration and failure are just the tip of the iceberg. Dental and medical devices that are not “right for you” are the silent scourge causing millions of Americans to be less healthy, less cognitively sharp, less emotionally balanced, and for some, less able to work, support their families, and pay taxes.

Think about the higher special education costs as toxicologist James S. Woods et al found neurobehavioral deficits and kidney damage in boys with a half dozen relatively common gene types after reanalyzing the Children’s Amalgam Trial data by gender and gene type (See four articles by Woods et al in PubMed 2011–2014). Lower educational attainment and dropping out of school have lifelong impacts. Note that women have stronger immune systems in order to bear children, so damage takes longer. Think about the women who develop problems at mid-life, as their hormone levels fall and immune systems weaken.

Think about the higher health care, prescription drug, hospital, surgery, rehab, and long term care costs as Thomas Duplinsky and Domenic Cicchetti of Yale School of Medicine found much higher prescription utilization by Connecticut dentists for neuropsychiatric, neurological, cardiovascular and respiratory disease than carefully matched controls. Patients and dental staff are also affected. It is all a question of the gene lottery, and the number of amalgams one has had in and out over one’s lifetime if you don’t methylate — clear heavy metals and toxins — well.

Mercury clings tightly to electrons and bioaccumulates in organs, tissue and fat cells in those with common genetic susceptibilities. It does not show up in standard blood and urine tests, as they measure circulating mercury, which is on its way out the urinary and excretory systems. Nickel allergies are common. Plastics may not be great for you.

Similar problems are common with other FDA-approved medical devices, such as Essure, Mesh, Implants, Stents and more. If you cannot tolerate nickel or PET fibers, Essure will attack your immune system and the inflammation to close off your tubes will not stop there. If you cannot tolerate polypropylene, mesh will bind up your abdominal organs in addition to holding them up, and fuel inflammation. Morcellation spreads uterine tissue throughout the body, including cancers.

Vital health tip: do not run to your regular dentist and ask him/her to remove your amalgams. That will further increase your mercury levels and toxicity. Find a biologic dentist who uses the S.M.A.R.T. technique developed by the International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology to do it safely, and who has special training and equipment to minimize mercury exposure to the patient, dentist and staff. It goes way beyond a dental dam and high speed water spray. In addition, find a functional, environmental, or integrative physician who has experience in assessing if you are ready for this step, and can recommend supportive treatments before and after.

It is open season on Americans at the FDA corral due to regulatory and congressional capture by Big Dental and Medical Device stakeholders. I learned all this the hard way, after overcoming 20 years of chronic disease and a year of accelerating neurological, dermatological, autoimmune, and other problems. I met legions of people affected by mercury dental amalgam and other medical devices who experience big improvement with removal and treatment, largely on their own dime. Until we integrate dental fully into health care, insurance, and records, and reboot the FDA Device Unit, it is patient beware.

Congress’ concern for treatment for those with opioids and substance abuse is commendable. To be frank, FDA’s lax regulations and medical practitioners’ lack of awareness of consequences largely caused that problem. Congress must extend its concern, programs and treatment to the substance abused. Congress’ and FDAs lax regulations and medical and dental practitioners’s lack of awareness also caused these problems.

The FDA Device Unit is hamstrung by outdated device regulations that are practically medieval. The Cures Act, should it pass, should only be the Opening Act. Neither party, no Congress, and no Administration has fixed these problems or even paid enough attention. They are led by the “stakeholders,” not their constituents and device illness patients who are typically unaware their chronic diseases, pain, premature aging, memory loss, and failing body parts have a cause, and may have a potential cure.

Increased FDA surveillance, Unique Device Indicators (UDIs), and the innovative MedWatcher app to report drug and device problems to FDA ( do not substitute for transparency, pre-screening up front and ending the ADA Mercury Experiment for all time.

So Bernie, and Water Protectors, and all Americans, learn more about this issue and take it on. We want you with us, not against us.