Steven Brill’s Brilliant Expose, America’s Most Admired Lawbreaker: Pharma

Here are the chapters of Brill’s 15-day serialized series in Huffington Post.

Chapter 1. The Credo Company — J&J’s evolution from its founder’s credo of putting patients first to today, putting its management and shareholders first.

Chapter 2. Blowing Past the Label — Marketing plan and SWAT team go off label.

Chapter 3. Sales Over Science — Risperdal legos. 46% of sales children, elders.

Chapter 4. Massaging the Data, Spreading the Word — Buying research.

Chapter 5. Three Card Monte — How to get away with data manipulation.

Chapter 6. Trouble — The Yo Yo Ma Brochure, and a Whistleblower emerges.

Chapter 7. A Multi-Front War — Cooking research findings for FDA, hiding weight gain and male breast development.

Chapters 8–15: To come September 22–29.

Reading this series is captivating, electrifying, and nauseating. What I find most troubling is that the US attorneys investigating would spend years and years developing evidence, rather than alerting FDA and taking swift action to protect the public. Think about that each time you consider taking a new drug, or installing a new medical device, that the time for the system to catch up with harm inflicted can take years or even decades.

The FDA drug approval system, which Steven Brill describes as an “honor system,” clearly broke down and became a dishonor system. This is the system that Congress now wants to fast track through the 21st Century Cures bill, which the House passed in July. Call your Senators and tell them to put patient safety first.

We need a Precision Medicine and Precision Devices framework to ensure something is “right for you” before use. Patients vary and are not all average. Here is a petition for Medical and Dental Device Safety Urgent Reform: MEDDSURGE.

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