The Schrodinger’s Cat of My Author-Entrepreneur Journey
Elizabeth Shassere

Oh no! Like Samantha Deakin, I too am feeling the guilt of not having started your book yet — I am a terrible accountabilibuddy.

It is MOST DEFINITELY a case of “They’ll think it’s fabulous but they just haven’t had a chance to read it yet- be patient, Elizabeth” and ABSOLUTELY NOT any of the other suggestions! But I know too well how your mind can play tricks on you when you’re waiting for feedback!

I had a bit of a mini breakdown (only very minor and short-lived luckily) on the weekend, feeling totally overwhelmed & very behind where I would like to be, and everything else went out of the window. BUT! I have *finally* got myself back to my normal modus operandi (which is still probably too busy… I’m working on it…) and so finally I have the time to give your book the attention it deserves.

It reminds me of those times where you get a wonderful long email from a friend or relative that you devour with so much love and it makes you feel all warm and glowing inside…. and then somehow months go past without you getting a chance to reply to it because you want to give it time and thought. I find that happens to me a lot. But don’t fear, I definitely won’t keep you waiting for months! In fact, I will make a public promise here to get you my comments by Sunday, how about that for accountabilibuddy… :)

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