‘On this day’… #Truthbomb

See this is a story all about (no, I’m not going to bust out the Fresh Prince of Belair rap-I could, but I won’t!), it’s all about accepting that whatever you want is totally in your control. Now before you roll your eyes and click close, this isn’t one of those fluffy, reach for the stars (Toy Story styleeee), inspirational glitter sprinkling, skipping through the field type of woo woo stories. This is more of a practical, reality check kind of tale with a lot of honesty, an inch of inspiration and a snapshot of flash forward.

To set the scene … I love social media, I really do, I love that we can connect across the world and most days I love Facebook’s ‘On This Day’ feature. I say most days as somedays I really don’t! Those days I don’t are the days I see a flashback picture where I’m slimmer, where I have a flatter stomach, where I have a muscle popping that I can’t see now. Those days I feel a twinge of emotions; frustration, sadness, envy, disappointment … Ladies, I know I’m not alone! I’m being honest.

So is that the end of the story? It is what is, accept it? No not at all, that would be a rubbish ending!

Let’s add a dash of practical reality … Does the picture tell the full story? No of course it doesn’t! See some of the pictures I think ‘fair play Laura, you worked hard for that’ and others, I see past the skinnier body, I see the dull skin, the tired eyes. I remember the stress I was under, the hours of cardio to escape, the fact I was running on empty. It wasn’t sustainable, it wasn’t healthy, I wasn’t living.

Here’s the honesty moment, as I write this, I’m getting a little emotional as I’ve never written or openly talked about this before. I’ve never shared the pain. I’ve never shared the full driving force that got me to that place… maybe I will, one day, maybe not, but today this is about a chink into the armour, a moment of personal acceptance, realisation, sharing with the hope of helping or inspiring others, so here goes …

Regardless of your personal or professional circumstances, we all feel stress, all feel overwhelmed, all feel unworthy at times. The pressure to be a success, to look a certain way, to be the best mum/friend/partner/employee, it’s enough to send us over the edge isn’t it?

We heap the pressure on, we’re surrounded by media, images, comparisons, things to help you get just that little bit better, it’s never ending. Those pictures of the past, I’m proud, but I see a shell of me. I don’t remember why I was doing it, I was on autopilot, I didn’t enjoy the process, I over critiqued.

That doesn’t have to be the story, the way it is; you decide. Mine wasn’t an epiphany; the sky didn’t part and I wasn’t bathed in violet light. It was more of a seesaw, a slow burn, highs and lows, tears and WTH moments. I want to take that pain and struggle away and give you the tools to stand tall, proud as the best, confident version of you and it all starts with a choice, a decision about what you actually want.

Get yourself a little alone time, and ask yourself:

  • Who do you want to inspire?
  • What do you want to be known for?
  • How do you want to feel?
  • Where do you want to spend your time?
  • Why do you do what you do?

There may be tears, the mask may fall and that’s ok. It may be painful. Roll with it. To share with you what’s waiting; acceptance, happiness, passion for your passions, fun, friendship, pride, gained time, and that’s just a few. So yes, it’s worth it.

Here’s the hopeful inspiration and a glimpse of flashforward … I’m on a journey. Over the last 10 weeks, I’ve found something that’s fun and workable. Do I deny myself? Nope! Have I committed? Am I enjoying it? Hell yes! Now that’s the thing I want you to take away; ‘FIND SOMETHING YOU ENJOY!’. I promise you, when you do it’s not a chore, there’s no stress and you’ll love the process.

So what have I done? I’ve mixed it up! I’ve danced, I’ve stretched, I’ve challenged my body with some of the hardest workouts I’ve ever done. I’ve enjoyed food (wine & chocolate!), I’ve stayed away from the scales and not only is my body changing (for the good), but my mind, my thinking is also changing. I’m no longer doing this journey alone, I’m surrounded by a tribe of women (and men) who are on their journeys too. We all have different reasons, different visions, but we support, we cheerlead and we’re loving the process.

If in sharing this I help just one person to drop the facade, change their thinking, step forward and say YES to moving forward and achiving that body and mind transformation in a way that’s unique to them, then I’ve served my purpose.

Stop suffering alone, it’s not fun, it’s not sustainable and it’s not necessary. How can I help you? Message me Laura@Jobes.org and let’s talk.

Much love,

Laura 💗

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