My social media channel

For the main focus of my social media channel i have decided to take on seasonal trends that will help out students such as DIY’s, Easy baking (eg gingerbread for christmas).

As it is coming up to christmas (and yes you can celebrate christmas in november…) ive decided to help out my fellow peers and create a pinterest board of christmas present ideas for a budget, so therefore they can get an early start to gift shopping and not end up on christmas eve panicking.

Having a pinterest will help to support my blog and its easy to seperate boards into which blog which will help my audience to easily access the board they’re wanting. Pinterest is easy to use and doesn’t take that long to find something youre looking for, therefore this is useful for students as they want to find certain things quick.

1 out of 2 millennials use pinterest every month, therefore they will be my main target audience as there the most active age group on pinteret. Therefore i can get the most out of my pinterest which links to my medium blog.Also women are also a big target as they dominate the platform, therefore cooking and decorating is popular search for them. also 34% of users have at least some college education therefore this generates alot of educated people to my blog thus creating links.

The theme will change to fit the current season or event, this makes my blog different each week therefore i can be creative and also gain alot of viewers as alot of people will typical search for something that relates to a season or event on pinterest, for example christmas baking, christmas diy decorations etc.

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Laura xx