Everybody’s Talking, But Who’s Actually Buying the Vertu Smartphone?

An elite clientele, that’s who

A simple Internet search will uncover an impressive list of articles, blog posts and video reviews for the Vertu smartphone. Accompanying each of these is a healthy stream of comments from people who cannot afford a phone of this caliber and who swear that, even if they could, they’d never make such a purchase. Of course, Twitter is also ablaze with wisecracks about what some feel is an exorbitant price for an Android phone. As a luxury brand, however, it’s clear that Vertu has a target consumer. This begs the question of who is actually buying this high-end mobile device?

A Vertu Phone Is Not For Everyone

Mostly everything you’ll read about this phone revolves around its lofty price. Of course, tech publishers presenting an actual review of the phone will offer further information about its specifications, handcrafted detail and its luxurious materials. But make no mistake about it— price is almost always the main story around which everything else said about Vertu is presented. The takeaway here is that it is clear that Vertu does not design their phones with the average consumer in mind.

A Timex Vs. Rolex Distinction

While at first the price of a single unit, which ranges from $6,000 to more than $20,000 depending upon the model, is admittedly shocking, it helps to realize that these phones are not marketed to the average working-class individual. It’s like the difference between enjoying a steak dinner at Denny’s or enjoying a fine dining experience at Masa in New York City. Or even finding a date on Match.com vs one at www.MillionaireMatch.com. Or, to state this another way, one doesn’t expect to see advertisements for Rolls Royce, Rolex or Prada in People Magazine anymore than they can expect to buy Louboutins at Wal-Mart. Clearly, Vertu is after the most discerning consumer who appreciates being among an elite circle of luxury phone users.

Who Are Vertu’s Customers?

All of this caused me to take a closer look at who was actually buying into Vertu’s exclusive member’s club. Here’s a short list of users found around the web:

Korean superstar, Tao, was recently spotted carrying a $6,000 Vertu phone. A member of one of the most celebrated K-pop groups around, Exo M, photographs of Tao using his Vertu after an appearance are plastered all over the Internet.

Another user, Para-Olympic gold medalist Rich Whitehead, also appears to be a proud owner of this luxury device. The popular British marathon runner received a shout out on Vertu’s own Twitter timeline after posting a photo of his orange leather Constellation model with the hashtag ‘#OrangeIstheNewBlack’. By the way, with more than 86,000 followers of the brand’s Twitter account, it’s also clear that people are not only talking about Vertu, but are also interested in what the industry leader is actually saying.

Then there’s the lucky anonymous blogger known only as the British Asian on Twitter and on the WordPress blog named after his pseudonym. This lucky guy claims to have received a Vertu Signature Touch as a gift recently. Ever striving for greater luxury, however, his tweet to Vertu requests a Ferrari branded edition of the phone before adding that money is no object. And that single tweet, my friends, most precisely defines the customer that Vertu is aiming for!

Undoubtedly, there are a lot more anonymous users flocking to buy Vertu phones. While a lot of very wealthy people from www.MillionaireMatch.com or actors, entertainers and the like can still be found carrying run-of-the-mill iPhones and Android devices, it is only the most discerning who will invest in a Vertu. It is this sort of luxury that separates those who merely have lots of money from those who truly know how to enjoy it.

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