Personal Branding: Mindset Is Key

As I glance through my social media network profiles I notice one major theme throughout each profile, which is the effort I put forth to exude positivity in every post and share the brightness that exists in my personal events with my family and friends through words, pictures and occasionally videos. Facebook recently added a new feature for their users to write their own short biography that displays under their profile picture. My short biography states, “Exuding leadership and positive influence among others everyday.” Currently, I have active social profiles that exist on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Periscope, LinkedIn and the most recent, Medium. Such social networks like Snapchat, Tumblr and Pinterest I have created a profile for myself personally, but I’m rarely active on them. Pinterest is a hit for when I’m inspired for Do-It-Yourself projects, special occasion ideas and of course, the holidays. Snapchat was a big hit with my friends and something I felt like I could use, but never did and Tumblr, well to be honest I haven’t even spent enough time on Tumblr to provide an educated perspective on.

Facebook is a large driving force for my personal use as well as my business space. If I recall correctly, earlier in the course I discussed my business use for Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising. It’s led me to great success advertising my business using this on Facebook and even through Google Ad Words. Being an entrepreneur and previously going through business school, I’ve learned quite a bit about SEO and marketing my business. Being able to go in and narrow down your target, niche market by adding keywords within the Facebook PPC advertising is an amazing feature. This ties in with this past week’s discussion on privacy. Facebook is able to monitor and obtain feedback on what the likes and dislikes are for their users and more. I also utilize Instagram and Twitter for personal and business use. Instagram being a photo and video based platform, I post creative advertisements and offers for my business for my followers as well as utilize hash tags to get more exposure. In business and for personal use, it is especially imperative to network with everyone you can and find those that have the same ideals as you. This is a fantastic way to cultivate business and personal relationships. Periscope is a more recent platform for the social media community being that it hasn’t reached the masses yet and its success is yet to be determined. Periscope allows you to broadcast live about anything, anywhere and reach a mass audience across the world. Nonetheless, I think that Periscope, owned by Twitter, is an amazing resource for small businesses to broadcast their footage of products, expose their services and value and gain a mass audience in general. This is exactly how my husband and I promote our business through this particular social platform. LinkedIn is another source that helps build a business network so it’s important to keep this updated on a consistent basis as a business professional.

Switching gears to the communications and journalism industry that I aspire to indulge in, it is going to be essential for me to stay focus through my transition as I obtain my Bachelors of Arts in Communication and Media Studies. As I explained previously, I am sending out content on various social media platforms that exemplifies me with a professional appearance and brand for my business, but currently I have not developed content yet on my social profiles for my future profession in the communications and journalism arena. The only exception is some pieces I’ve presented on Medium, that promote myself being a professional journalist or blogger, etc. I’ve already planned to gather some writing pieces and other examples to expose my writing abilities to more advanced professionals and high-end newspapers and broadcasting networks.

I’ve always had a sense of being careful for what I post online and always try to represent myself in the most professional and ‘classy’ way. With this being said, I’ve learned to adopt the old saying, “Think before you act.” In today’s world when it is so easy to post anything that has your name attached to it with just a click of the button, many of us social network users forget this old wise saying. There’s nothing I feel I need to take down on any of my social profiles, but that’s not to say I haven’t deleted many of my previous posts that have reflected poorly on myself, especially since I started college the same year Facebook was its infancy. At this time, I think I have enough social profiles under my belt, or at least I have enough to manage. The maintaining of social profiles can be complicated and extremely time consuming. It’s important to hone in on the social platforms you’d like to use most and be present and active on those to yields results, that is, if you want. As an example, when Twitter first came out I created a profile and went on week binges of posting my ideas and engage in as much discussion topics as I could just to gain followers. Then there would be a period when I wouldn’t show up on Twitter feeds for weeks. If there’s anything I’ve learned with social media presence, it is to be consistent.

As I look through my news feed on Facebook, Twitter or even Instagram, I notice that not everyone is like me. Well, of course we are all uniquely different, but how do I distinguish myself from others on social networks? One word. And I promise you, not everyone practices this, believe it or not. Positivity. If I truly desire to exude positivity in as much people as I can each day I must encompass the lifestyle of being positive. I cannot engage in anything negative and must refrain from negative thinking. To begin my journey I read Napoleon Hill’s bestseller, Think and Grow Rich. It’s an old book, but a fantastic one to ‘revamp’ your thinking process. Any new topic in the headlines or new idea that I come up with that helps others stay positive, I will share my thoughts on the issue on my personal social accounts to help my followers, friends and family.

My personal ‘magic power’ is keeping a positive influence mentality, maintaining rationality, keeping up with important news headlines and most importantly staying educated by reading as much as you can. With all of this in play, I’m able to provide a perspective that is positive, rational and well educated on the social media platforms. This is a key strength for me and it’s essential to my success. My career plan is to provide value to my first employer once I graduate. I want to bring the best perspective to journalism and communications with the central premise of being positive, staying rational and providing truth to the articles I may write. If I start out utilizing media research methods to perform well in my daily tasks for my employer, I will do so with much integrity because I have no reason to gain career success based on a lie or cheating my way to the top. I think in any situation it is imperative that you start any journey in life with this positive mindset. If you go into something with these reinforcements, morals and values you can bring much value to one’s company as well as to your peers. Before I go on to my personal brand statement, I will end with this: I rather not work for someone that I’m incapable of bringing value to. I want to be where I’m able to exist in providing the best solutions and the best value. And finally, my most recent Facebook post, posted on my personal profile this afternoon, “You need people around you that remind you of who you are — people who remind you that your best days are ahead. Keep your crown on.”

My Personal Branding Statement

Experienced businesswoman, entrepreneur and writer who assumes the most good in all intentions. Co-developed the most successful real estate solutions company in the country, providing alternative real estate solutions to those with unique real estate situations. Possesses a proven track record of marketing success in creating new innovative ideals in making the business more efficient in all aspects. Highly educated and actively delegating all company transactions. Excellent SEO and link building skills that capture the mass market. Brilliant and very diligent work ethic illustrated by cultivating an immensely successful approach in partnering with other investors to revitalize properties and communities across the country.