Escape Your Mind Limitations

What if the world is missing its best scientific research analyst to McDonald’s because of the negative feedback one gets? So they settle for a position at McDonald’s because they have bills to pay. What if the next J.K. Rowling is in the same position J.K. Rowling was before composing Harry Potter? What if the next Elon Musk is selling parts and working the next scientific experiment out of his parents’ garage, while nagging parents are yelling at him to get some meaningless, hourly wage job? My point is extraordinary people with gifted talents are limited and sometimes never get the chance to express their abilities to change our lives because of their mind limitations. Mind limitations set forth and created by negative peers and think the norm is to “never achieve one’s dream,” or “No way, that will never happen.” The sad reality is that most extraordinary people like this don’t even realize they have extraordinary talents, in which they have never acted on. Don’t ever feel obligated to be like everyone else. The world is waiting for you. God has given you everything you need to succeed. Follow what YOU want to do in life and stop trying to please everyone else. On a personal note, most of my life, I’ve tried really hard to please my family and do what I “think” they would want me to become. In return, I’ve only felt helpless and even more separated from my own family. I’ve even been scared to speak to my own siblings, fearful of what they may think of me or my ideas. I felt the expectations and standards in my family were set high, higher than I might be capable of achieving. I learned that this was only my mindset that I had cultivated and none of this was true. I’ve noticed that all they wanted from me was to achieve something great, achieve my TRUE happiness. In the end, achieving my own happiness, was extraordinary. I’m talented and gifted from God. Embrace your talents. Explore your happiness… without limitations! :)