A curious incident in Seattle Eastside entertainment that you MUST experience

Laura Metze
May 2 · 3 min read

Christopher’s mind is a menagerie of real places he knows, the far-off quiet places he dreams of, the chaos and stress of sorting people into categories that make sense and an unwavering sense of what is right that fuels his quest to solve the curious incident of the dog in the night-time. Village Theatre’s rendition of this award-winning Broadway play is poignant, clever and allows the audience the honor of access into the world inside Christopher Boone’s mind.


Out of all the plays I have been privileged to see in theatres around the world, this play from Village Theatre has been the most thought-provoking, unequivocally. The cast’s brilliant performances pulled me into a complete story immersion and then in true epic theatre style, pushed me out again to think deeply about what it was that I was witnessing. Michael Krenning as Christopher gave a profound performance. The narrator/educator Siobhan, flawlessly played by Jehan Osanyin, gave Christopher’s character balance — a caring, professional calm in a stormy consciousness. Christopher’s parents, Ed and Judy (James Sasser and Kathryn Van Meter) were real — in other words, human. The actors’ moving portrayal of people doing their best in a circumstance beyond their control and ability to cope shone a light on fundamental human flaws that in the end, made the characters more, not less.

The rest of the cast brought out the best in every other cast member — their synergy was immediately noticeable. They inserted light-hearted moments of comedy for a brief respite from headier tasks. William Shindler had a particular knack for comedic timing and delivery while on a treadmill.

Set in lights

The set design of each of Village Theatre’s plays are radically different. The designer for Curious Incident is particularly creative. Florescent light fixtures outfitted with colored LEDs and screens with moving graphics reminiscent of Christopher’s elevated heart rate and turbulent emotions punctuated high-energy scenes. Side lights shone on expressive movements and chalkboards on wheels directed the audience’s attention to where it needed to be. All this worked in tandem to build emotion and structure.

Head to Everett, now

The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time plays until May 19th in the Everett Performing Arts Center. Don’t miss the chance to let this play be a part of your theatre experiences as it will likely be one of your most memorable. Be sure to stay for the Q & A session afterwards if one is scheduled for the day you attend. It is a chance to delve deeper into each actor’s approach that shouldn’t be missed.

Village Theatre

Village Theatre in Issaquah and Everett is the region’s best regional theatre and a must-experience activity when visiting the Seattle area. Learn more about upcoming shows, their First Stage, membership, summer camps and more by visiting their website.


My continued thanks to Ann Reynolds, the incredibly capable communications manager for Village Theatre, for her continued assistance with my stories and patience with my questions. Thank you!

Laura Metze

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Laura Metze, a passionate traveler & travel writer, has covered 200+ luxury hotels worldwide over 9 years. Exploring European castles is her favorite pastime.

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