Can’t decide between a concert and a play? See both: The rockin’ Million Dollar Quartet at Village Theatre

Laura Metze
May 29 · 2 min read

When traveling to Seattle, the attraction opportunities are so plentiful, you’ll need to stay a month to see them all. On a more typical schedule, painful choices will have to be made, unfortunately (or more than one trip planned). Getting as many local recommendations as possible is one sure way to see only the best, trading tourist traps for memory makers like Million Dollar Quartet at Village Theatre in Issaquah and Everett. It’s an epic throw-back rock concert and a play reliving an incredible moment in time, rolled into one and kicked into next week.

Improbable and just as incredible

On December 4, 1956, at the Sun Record Studios in Memphis, Tennessee, an incredible and improbable jam session made history as Sam Phillips, founder of the label, gathered legends Elvis Presley, Jerry Lee Lewis, Carl Perkins, and Johnny Cash together. Million Dollar Quartet lets their personal stories unfold amidst the very best of 1950s rock ‘n roll.

Twice the talent

This is a musical for those who’d rather not attend a musical. The featured hits are not just important, they’re a highlight and so. much. fun. I saw the action up close on opening night and lucky me, joined in the celebration as the cast jammed and the audience got up and danced, then followed it up with a standing ovation. Skye Scott, Brian Grey, Jason Kappus, John Countryman and Cayman Ilika could have been rock stars with voices like theirs. Thank goodness they didn’t and instead are delighting audiences with this crazy musical.

My recommendation

Consider this your local’s recommendation and see Million Dollar Quartet this summer. Thank you Ann Reynolds for arranging my adventure!

Laura Metze

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Laura Metze, a passionate traveler & travel writer, has covered 200+ luxury hotels worldwide over 9 years. Exploring European castles is her favorite pastime.

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