This funny 1950s glossy gangster musical outfitted in Village Theatre’s “nailed it” style is a gift they’ll never misplace

Laura Metze
Dec 11, 2019 · 3 min read

Guys and Dolls tickets are for fun-loving Seattleites.

Craps in the sewers. Photo courtesy of Village Theatre.

Easy to store

There was a time when unwrapping a Kimberly doll wearing roller skates and sporting a Hang Ten outfit was what I spent day and night dreaming of. I wasted not a single quiet moment by filling every one with a reminder to my mom about Kimberly and how amazing it would be to have her under the tree (she picked up on my subtle hints — such a good mom). Now when someone asks me what I want for Christmas, I have no idea. Do I really want or need more things? Well, to be frank, no. I also know it feels good to give a gift well-suited to the giftee. I feel I’m likely not alone in this grown-up holiday conundrum. Luckily, I’ve come up with an answer that may work for you too. Everyone loves an experience, especially if it’s shared. Giving tickets is exciting to unwrap and the excitement builds as the day approaches. Bonus — memories store in a conveniently compact space.

So much to love about Guys and Dolls

The expressions say it all. Photo courtesy of Village Theatre.

Simply decide what type of tickets your special someone will love, purchase and present. May I suggest a different type of doll? Musicals tend to be a universal crowd-pleaser and Guys and Dolls is on throughout the holidays and beyond in Issaquah and Everett, WA in Village Theatre. My husband and I recently took my sister and our niece to see the romping musical — it was their first ever professional play. They arrived expecting a cut above a high school performance and left in awe of the calibre of singing, dancing, acting, directing and stage and costume design they just experienced.

Warm fuzzies

Battle of the sexes. Photo courtesy of Village Theatre.

I LOVE the theatre, especially Village, but had never seen Guys and Dolls, yet I (quietly) sang along with a handful of songs! You may remember your grandma singing “I love you a bushel and a peck,” while planting a peck on your cheek. I did. It seems every musical I see has a combination of comfy familiarity and the exhilarating rush of a live performance. There are always surprises, even one night to the next. Guys and Dolls stormed Broadway for the first time in the 1950s. This fun stereotype of vintage gangster life uses a classic battle of the sexes for its comedic theme. The cast of Village Theatre’s rendition is well-chosen (it’s a particular strength of this theatre), especially the gangsters who are both male and female. Perfect. Of particular note is MJ Jurgensen’s spot-on physical comedy — genius. The leads, Dane Stokinger, Mallory King, Matt Wolfe and Kate Jaeger, brought dimension to their characters that went beyond the lines they spoke. The dance choreography and dancers, especially in the club scene was emotional, passionate and purely enthralling.

Delicious! Photo courtesy of Village Theatre.

Is that for real?

Halfway through, I whispered to an impressed Loralei and Valerie that the music was not recorded, but played by the orchestra under the stage floor. Because it is so perfectly played and ideally timed, it’s easy to forget it’s live. Hats off (and thrown high) to Conductor Julia Thornton and her entire talented orchestra.


Get tickets online. Pro tip: for the spontaneous, you can try for discounted tickets 2 hours before a show at the box office.

To Ann

Thank you, Ann Reynolds, for thoughtfully sending story ideas my way and for arranging this experience. You are the best!

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