Technology Won’t Save Our Schools
Austin Dannhaus

For change agents working inside School Districts your post is a good summary of the challenges we face on a daily basis. The key tenants of transformation that you point to are outlined in SFUSD’s Vision 2025, Reimagining Education for the Next Generation which defines a new graduate profile and 10 shifts needed to create learning environments that achieve this new definition of student success. The only point I would add is that we have found that implementing digital tools and applications with the appropriate amount of alignment with CCSS and teacher supports does allow tech to be a catalyst that has made it easier for teachers to shift towards facilitators of collaborative learning experiences.

I also want to applaud your point about Tech Leaders viewing partnerships with School Districts as a mutual endeavor to solve a true business challenge of expanding diversity and inclusion in the workforce. Local Tech leaders like Salesforce, Zynga and LinkedIn have built relationships with our school leaders and students through meaningful partnerships and have said directly to our students that they want them to join their companies. Now we are doing the hard work of building stronger academic and social pathways for our youth to ensure that these commitments become a reality in the very near future. We look forward to more tech leaders joining these efforts.

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