Interviewing My Friend Dalena

I send her a couple of questions through email and she send me back her answers. Unfortunately, we couldn’t meet in person because we had problems setting a time that worked for both of us. This were her answers.

1. What are the struggles of being a commuter at the U (be specific)?

-Packing for the entire day (and for classes that may or may not be cancelled, as well as the weather (dressing in layers))

-Having to abide by the bus schedules for classes

-Taking the time to commute to and from campus

-Being in a group project/study group who all live on campus and having to abide to their schedules

- Not being able to fully integrate into the on-campus community in terms of late-night events

2. What are the advantages of being a commuter at the U (be specific)?

-Saving money from room and board

-In my case, I am living with my parents so I don’t have to pay rent, chore load is lessened and there is no worry about not having a healthy diet, or lacking food at all

-Not tempted by too many social events — in this way, I can do my work better and in a controlled, comfortable environment that I’m used to

-I have a guaranteed quiet study place in order to get things done

-If I truly wanted to go to an event (socializing in moderation with school), I have the option of either driving or bussing to the U

3. How has being a commuter impacted your college experience (in a negative or positive way)?

-Negative in that it can be difficult to attend events and connect with other people on campus

-Positive in that I am able to save money and still have a comfortable home life, as well as a place to focus more on my studies

4. Are you involved in clubs? If yes, how do you manage being in clubs and being a commuter? (provide name of clubs and the time they meet)

-No, however I do go to events hosted by SASE (Society of Asian Scientists and Engineers), MISA (Minnesota International Student Association), and ASU (Asian Student Union), amongst other student groups.

5. Do you feel that the U offers different resources for commuters to engage, so they can feel a part of this University?

-I do in the sense that I am aware of the Commuter Connection, however I don’t find myself really interacting with them since I personally do not study my best in Coffman, where the Commuter Connection is located. Short of the Commuter Connection, and Gopher Hall, I don’t believe there are many other resources for commuters to engage.

I am probably going to interview other 5–8 people and I am going to compare and contrast their expirences to mine. If you had other ideas in which I can use this information please comment down below.