Week four of #fitfor40 and I’m just back from a weeks holiday.. Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear 🍰🌯🍟🍷🍾🍻

At 11.15 today my trainer Leigh Hillen will join me on East Coast FM’s Morning Show with Declan, look me in the eye and ask me how my week was.. In a previous life I’d lie through my teeth and say “great thanks.. I ran 10k most days after I had my kale, almond butter and flaxseed shake for breakfast etc but because (as you’ve no doubt seen front the video and photographic evidence) I’m determined to give an honest account of my progress and the trials (holidays) and tribulations (guiltless holiday eating). So, I will tell him the truth and start from scratch today. I’ve just had a cup of hot water with lemon and ginger but sense that it’ll take a bit more than that to reverse the damage 😏

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