Play for Peace: The Message Behind Jeffrey Breslow’s 2017 ChiTAG Sculpture

Laura Richards
3 min readNov 17, 2017


By Laura Richards

Play for Peace Sculpture by Artist and Inventor, Jeffrey Breslow

In just a few hours, thousands will descend upon Navy Pier to attend the 15th annual Chicago Toy and Game (chiTAG) Week Toy Fair from November 18–19, 2017. ChiTAG was founded in 2003 by Mary Couzin and is the first and the largest public toy and game fair in North America targeting families.

Jeffrey Breslow

One of the first things visitors will see as they enter the ChiTAG venue, is renowned sculptor Jeffrey Breslow’s “Play for Peace” sculpture of children. Breslow was “beyond overjoyed” when he learned that his sculpture would be the centerpiece of ChiTAG and that its message “Play for Peace” would be the theme of this year’s fair. Breslow says, “Mary has always stressed ‘Play for Peace’ long before I did the sculpture. Mary told me about an organization based in Chicago of the same name Play for Peace.” The message reflects Mary’s vision of what ChiTAG should be and always has been, play bringing people together.

The “Play for Peace” sculpture shows numerous silhouettes of children in all different poses painted in rainbow colors on a water-powered merry-go-round. As it slowly turns, the children’s figures get splashed demonstrating joy and the unifying power of play. The message of “Play for Peace” is if we learn to get along as children, there will be harmony in the world when we grow up. The piece was originally designed for the pond at the Gerald Ford Presidential Museum where it was displayed at ArtPrize an international art competition.

Breslow shares, “Messages of Peace are important in the world we live in today. Because of ArtPrize and now ChiTAG, hopefully this message will grow. It all starts with one step. Mary Couzin understands the message and is allowing me to spread it with her show.” This was a new direction for Breslow’s sculpture and he says, “I’m sure I will do more children-related pieces.”

Breslow is not just a well-known sculptor, he’s an experienced game inventor himself, “I met Mary Couzin before I started sculpting full time. I was the very first recipient of her Lifetime Toy And Game Innovation Achievement Award (TAGIE) award over 10 years ago.”

Not only will he enjoy sharing his sculpture at the fair, he will have a booth for his new card game called What the QUOTE! “I never planned on going back into the toy and game business after 41 years of doing that, I was very happy being a sculptor. For 41 years I showed ideas to the manufactures, Mattel, Hasbro, Fisher Price, etc. They had to license the idea and then pitch it to the retailers, Toys R Us, Walmart, Target, etc. Once the retailer bought the toy or game, then the consumer had to buy if off the shelf in one of these stores. Today I can go directly to the consumer and skip the manufacture and retailer.” An example of the amazing opportunities afforded through ChiTAG.

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