About two weeks ago, when word about my mom’s heart attack got out, many of you bought one-way…
Hemal Jhaveri

I’m so sorry for your loss, Hemal. I’ve been thinking about you all. This was a lovely and inspiring tribute. Reading about your mother’s kindness reminded me of one time when your mother lent Ian and me some clothes for a friends’ Mehndi celebration. She dressed me in a beautiful orange outfit and then beamed mischievously while showing Ian the appropriate, masculine way to tie his scarf and to dance. They joked and laughed about the dancing as you can imagine they would. I had no idea how truly selfless and hardworking she was. You are an honor and a joy to her!

Sending warm wishes, heartfelt condolences, and sympathy to you, Payal, your Dad, and everyone who loves your mother.

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