Ten years ago I got a banner tattooed on my back that says “Home is where the Heart is”. My heart is in NYC so I am doing the trek back at the end of January.

On November 13th, 2015 I “announced” my move to LA. January 4th 2016 I left Brooklyn in a packed minivan rental. January 8th I arrived to the Motel 6 in Hollywood.January 12th had my first job interview (shoutout Craigslist) January 20th I started my new job, and 5 days later I moved into a 2 bedroom apartment in the Valley. I went camping on the beach in Malibu. I bought a car on Valentine’s Day. I hiked Runyon Canyon. I traveled a lot. I met some new and amazing people. I got my creative juju back. I spent a lot of time alone. I watched my best friend get married on the beach. I drove to Vegas during EDC (do not recommend). I realized how many people live their lives in a bubble. I found out who my real friends are. I tried new things. I figured out what I truly like and do not like, regardless if people agree. I remembered what it was like to not give a f*ck (for real) about other people’s judgements. I remembered what it felt like to love myself again. The whole year though, there was still something missing.

I miss bagels, i miss pizza, i miss the subway, i miss random adventures, i miss the “rude” people aka the real people. i miss spur of the moment plans. i miss the brutal honesty. i miss the hustle. i miss snow and rain and weather in general. I took so much for granted during my 28 years in NYC and I can’t wait to get back and get started on my massive bucket list.

Whenever I ran into people throughout the year i was asked “How do you like LA?” my response was almost always *eww face* followed by “i hate it”. With my time coming to a close in LA (for now), I realize that It’s not that I hate LA. It’s actually a really nice place….. to visit. I just like New York better. Since announcing my departure back to the Big Apple, I have been asked over and over “Why?” and “What didn’t you like about LA?”. Multiple have commented on my posts “That was fast” and I even got called a quitter.

This past year I found my true passion, I learned that freelancing is not so scary and I am excited to return back to my own turf and boss my own life. Life is too short to be miserable. I am lucky and I will be keeping my position with my job and continuing to work remotely, so don’t worry everyone (I won’t ask for your donations).

The whole NYC vs. LA comparison thing makes NO SENSE to me. They are not comparable cities. The only time LA wins (in my opinion) is with Uber rates (it’s cheap as f*ck here). Otherwise, stop living your life comparing things, just live and figure out what makes you happy. I am beyond excited to start this new chapter of my life and I know that good things are coming.

“Love life, and life will love you back.” And if you don’t love your life, then change whatever needs to change to be happy, stop looking to see what other people have or what they have accomplished. Just do you. Do more of what makes you happy and shut the rest out.

T-Minus 16 days till we hit the road.