How Religious Organizations, Like A.A., Prey On Your Sense of Self-Worth

Hello Readers! This is a quick share of a great article.

Have you ever experienced the predatory actions and behaviors from brainwashed disciples of the 12 step cult religion? I bet you have.

The blatant physical and mental abuse is the very foundation of this dangerous cult religion. The article, linked below, perfectly describes the not so blatant predation.

The predatory behavior disguised as the steps is the worst of all, since it is the subterfuge of the all-or-nothing disguised as spiritual not religious that causes lifelong problems with self-esteem and self-sufficiency.

If you leave the fold, you are abandoned, ostracized, and bullied. Even worse, you are forever blamed for anything that does not go well in your life, with your only solution presented as coming back with your tail between your legs. Do not buy it for a nanosecond!

Under the lie of this so-called self help group, where you can supposedly leave whenever you want and take or leave the suggestions, vulnerable people find themselves worse, never better.

No matter how steppers balk and lie to themselves and others, they are harming other people with their daily reprieve BILLShit. No amount of chanting changes this truth. The end motherfuckers.

The article is about Christians in particular and thankfully he includes all religious groups. Lest we brush over the most mind-fuck cult religion of all time, I include the despicable 12 step cult religion in the group of harmful religious organizations …


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