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Do The Writing You Want To Do, And Do It Today

There’s plenty I could be writing about, especially those easy looking blog posts that are 84% infographic that go a little something like this; “Three surprising tips on how to escape from a pig sty after a wild night out” — but there’s a million of those on the worldwide web.

I will write what I would want to be reading because really, I am the only person who can write that stuff. Stuff that is hilarious and silly, a bit weird and a bit inspirational. Something that at the very least lets a little smile creep on your face, or in my greatest dream gets you giggling and then talking about your own random thoughts with your trusted weirdo companions.

I would quite enjoy reading about career-focused, establishment-questioning articles — but also ridiculously inappropriate things about how a blow job should be called a “stiff drink”. THAT is pure genius at it’s very best and brilliant vulgarity at it’s worst. (And hopefully put a cheeky little smile on your face as you read it).

There is never enough space to write down everything I come up with in my brain, nor the speed in my hand without making it ache to write it all down quickly enough. Which is probably a good thing for a large portion of the thoughts will probably (unsuccessfully) break the internet like Kim K’s bottom. It’s all childish and weird and sarcastic and ridiculous, but why can’t it be? What’s the point of being another schtum corporate cog until I eventually marry, vag-poop out some kids, and then work part-time like most other ladies think they have to do to appear as a well-rounded woman. It’s a bit silly really. I think I’ll just let my mad brain unravel through words on the internet, thank you.

We shall all be the writers that we want to be. The ones that bring out the best parts of ourselves, with our undoubted 23 year old wisdom about life (ahem), but also sometimes the darkest parts, because those things need to be talked about too.

You there! Yes you! I think you should grab a pen and paper and get creating. Write without fear. Write as if nobody else is going to read it but you. Write a letter you’re never going to send. Write a paragraph about that interesting person you caught the eye of on the train home from work. Write a whole essay about the worst and best days of your life. Compare and contrast. Make up a language of your own. Note down the traits you would want to have if you were a character in Adventure Time. Do all of these things.

Nobody else will have written it yet. At least, not in the way you would write about it. So you should probably write it down, because it’s better out than in as Shrek always says. Even if nobody else sees it, even if I never see what you’ve written, I’ll bet a little magic will have occurred from whatever has flowed out of your pen.

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