I’ve never read Lauren Koshere’s theory on the Hierarchy of Baked Goods but what if the world needs…
Jim Roye

Jim, I hadn’t thought about it that way, but I’m so glad you made that point. I guess we just have to try to make a dent in all the junk of the world, and trust that our work is going to help someone else, somehow. I had a writing professor who would always say our work will find the audience it’s meant to find, five people or five thousand. Need to keep focused on that!

As for the Hierarchy of Baked Goods, it’s based on my theory that certain baked goods should wait until the appropriate relationship stage. The bottom of the hierarchy is flirtation, or the stage of not-quite-dating. A fresh, homemade cake donut would rank alongside other cakes and fall somewhere higher. In fact, it should probably wait until the relationship is established and exclusive…because cake always has consequences!