“ It’s amazing!”

My husband and I are raising our daughter Catholic. We took her to mass for the first time when she was around one month old. For the most part, she has always been well-behaved at mass. Recently, she has become more verbal especially during the homily.

Today’s homily was about first communion. My priest was telling the story about his nephew receiving for the first time. He was explaining to his uncle how excited he was.

“It’s amazing! It’s amazing!”

And without missing a beat, my daughter chimed in, “It’s amazing!” with the same level of excitement in her voice. The congregation was tickled by this. My heart completely melted.

Children remind us to be present in this moment. Toddlers especially are living for the “here and now.” My daughter was paying close attention to the homily today and she wasn’t scared to shout that out. I’m so proud that she shared her joy today.

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