Making Decisons: Logic vs. Emotion

Decisions should almost always be based on logic to ensure well thought out decisions. In order to think through the pros and cons of a decision, there needs to be little emotion. Emotion can often persuade us to choose with our heart versus our head. The one exception is falling in love.

The biggest decision I made in my life financially, was buying a home. My husband and I approached this decision very logically. We considered commute time, school district, and potential of our property to grow in value. These were only a few of the criteria. After searching for about one year, we became interested in a house in Queens.

When we visited the home, we went through very practically with my brother-in-law and sister-in-law. Being homeowners, they were able to point out the benefits and challenges of the house. When all was said and done, it was a financial decision. My husband and I crunched the numbers and decided that it was a mortgage we could handle. There was little emotion in this decision. The only emotion was that I felt that the home had a good feel to it. The home felt like a place where we could start our family. So, in this case, there was a small amount of emotion that guided our decision.

My other huge decision in my life was deciding to marry my husband. Falling in love with someone is a decision that is mostly emotionally based. When I met my husband I had an intuition that he would be the person that I married someday. Not until later did I realize how many similarities we had on paper. We happen to both be Irish, Catholic, and bookishly intelligent. I was not provided this kind of information up front. We shared information with each other gradually and naturally. And slowly I fell in love with him. Some people fall in love with people who they logically think they “shouldn’t” be with. Many times, love can be illogical. So, emotion guides us.

As you can see, I feel that logic should really guide most of our decisions. But love is a gigantic part of our lives. If it wasn’t for our emotionally based decisions in love, we wouldn’t be here!

I’ve always felt that trees hold wisdom.
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