P.S. 059 Fan Favorite: Governor Cuomo

Wednesday, September 28th, 2016

President of the United Federation of Teachers, Michael Mulgrew (left) with Governor Andrew Cuomo (right).

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo came to P.S. 059 Beekman Hill International this afternoon to highlight the importance of a good education to the young students there as well as award Kristine Mraz the Empire State Excellence award.

The auditorium filled with excited students waving at the news cameras and anticipating the governor’s arrival on stage. When Cuomo and Michael Mulgrew, the President of the United Federation of Teachers, took the stage, the crowd of elementary school kids screamed in joy like they were at a concert.

Cuomo was a fan favorite, getting laughs from the students by asking who voted for him for governor, as well as sharing anecdotes about his mother’s retired position as a teacher. What really excited the crowd, however, was the woman being honored for being an outstanding teacher. Kristina Mraz, author and teacher, was one of sixty teachers to receive Governor Cuomo’s Empire State Excellence award. Clearly a student favorite, the entire school was rejoicing in celebration as she received a check for five thousand dollars to further her education.

The governor also emphasized to the students “school is shaping who you are going to be. It is what you learn, the friends you make,” and how the most important thing to keep in mind is how lucky they are to be surrounded by such good teachers. Cuomo stated that “education is this beautiful building that you are in, but you know what the most important part is? The teachers.” One young first grader really enjoyed the visit from the governor, but his advice for Cuomo? Maybe condense the speech a little bit. “He was pretty cool, but it was kind of long for me.”

Governor Cuomo speaking to P.S. 059.

Overall, Governor Cuomo’s visit to P.S. 059 made all the difference to the students and faculty, alike. He reminded them to be grateful for the intelligence that surrounds the students every day and to continue their education for as long as they possibly can.

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