How Fast Can You Impress?

An elevator pitch is a brief speech, normally in an attempt to persuade someone into purchasing an item or agreeing with you. In order to make an effective elevator, or sales, pitch you need to show that you are confident and straight to the point. In my pitch I am discussing how companies should switch from printing customer receipts to using a form of electronic receipt.

Switching from printed receipts to electronic receipts for purchases.

  • Introduce Yourself and Presentation Situation
Hello my name is Lauren Turner and I am currently a student at the University of Minnesota Duluth. Over the summer I have been working for a retail store. There are a few items that I believe should be changed to better the company.
  • Get Attention
Wouldn’t shopping and making returns be a lot easier for the customer if they didn’t have to search for the paper receipt that is hiding somewhere in their house? By making receipts electronic, returning something could be as easy as pulling out your phone.
  • Explain Offer and Value Proposition
Currently many retail companies still use the traditional method of printing a customer receipt for every single purchase. I am suggesting that we take the lead and start producing receipts electronically, either by phone number or email address to start.
  • Describe Benefits; Counter Objections
This change could really improve our companies customer service and accessibility. A lot of people loose receipts and therefor we can’t return an item for them. That results with an unhappy customer, who might go to another store the next time. It is also a waste in money to buy huge amounts of paper and ink, as well as the time it takes to replace the empty paper. Changing the current method is quick, affective, and environmentally sound.
  • Call to Action
By making the change to electronic receipts we can satisfy more customers as well as save the company time and money. Let’s start the change.
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