Choosing the Right Cardio Workout

In addition to his work with Laurence Martin Developments in Johannesburg, Laurence Grigorov enjoys staying physically fit through regular gym visits. Laurence Grigorov’s preferred exercises include yoga, as well as exercises that promote cardiovascular health.

Cardiovascular workouts are some of the most diverse workouts available since they include a wide range of potential activities. Choosing the right workout, however, can be a little daunting.

Those looking for functional muscle strength should consider kettlebell workouts or spending time on stair climbers. Stair climbers engage many muscle groups due to the high leg lifts required, which helps build efficient, functional leg muscles in addition to promoting aerobic calorie burn. Whereas, Kettlebells burn both aerobic and anaerobic calories, thereby building a lot of muscle in addition to burning fat.

However, those looking to burn lots of calories quickly should turn to sprinting or cycling. Sprinting along stairs provides natural high-intensity and low-intensity periods, as one should jog or walk down the stairs rather than maintain the run the whole way through for safety reasons. Meanwhile, cycling makes it easy to burn lots of calories fast if the rider is willing to go at a high intensity.