The Benefits Of Playing Sports, cont.

One of the best ways to maintain your health and fitness is to get involved in sports. Playing a sport benefits you in a number of ways, from your fitness, to your mental stability, to everything in between. If you’re a top notch player, then perhaps playing sports can be financially lucrative. But even playing sports recreationally can have an extremely positive effect on your life. If you want to get fit, feel happier, or better your life in any way, then participating in a sport is a great way to achieve any and all of these goals. Here are a few positive effects of sports:

1) Staying Healthy And Active

Of course, one of the key reasons people play sports is stay fit. Playing sports is a fantastic way to get the recommended activity levels. A 2012 article written by Dr. David Geier of the American Orthopaedic Society for Sports Medicine states that playing sports is linked to reduced rates of high blood pressures, obesity, diabetes, and other poor health conditions. Children who play sports also tend to be more physically active as adults according to a 2012 Melbourne University summary fact sheet.

2) More Career And Scholarship Opportunities

While the average recreational sports player doesn’t have a large chance of making it to professional leagues, sports can definitely lead to career opportunities. You can become an official or a coach, and if you do your research, you can obtain enough education and experience to be part of the sports media. Furthermore, if you’re looking for higher education opportunities, playing sports could allow you to get a quality education for a much lower price.

3) Increased Social Interaction

When we think about social interaction through sports, we typically think of parents enrolling their children in sports in order to help them make friends. But truthfully, sports can bring you social benefits no matter what age you are. People of all ages can interact with others socially and develop greater teamwork skills by playing team sports. According to a 2009 study published in the “Journal of Science and Medicine in Sports” conducted by Asztalos, M. et al., playing sports reduces stress levels in adults, while other types of physical activity do not.

Overall, there are many upsides to participating in sports. Sports are a fantastic way to make friends while taking care of your body and mind.

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