A Winter Fairyland — the New Frontier for Miniature Gardening

Seriously, who doesn’t love winter? I have always been a pushover for blizzards, hot chocolate, and warm homemade blankets. I have recently started researching the various ways to continue my miniature garden hobby when there is snow on the ground. I will admit that I have not completely embraced the winter wonderland, which could so easily be translated into a fairy garden theme. My husband, who is a bigger fan of the holiday season than anyone else I know, recently asked me why I have not done a winter, Christmas or New Year’s Eve themed miniature garden to add to our holiday decorations and I can honestly say I was as a loss for an answer. I was not sure how to begin this project. What miniature plants or containers should I buy? I needed to learn what fairy accessories would enhance the winter season along with the different holidays that pepper this time of year.

Therefore, I fell into a research hole trying to figure out where to start. Using the Internet and going to greenhouses for my research, I came up with a list of ways to plan a miniature garden. To decorate our gas fireplace mantel, the containers that jumped out at me were clear candy containers with covers. In addition, metal baskets with waterproof inserts and festive holiday ribbons wrapped around the outside would be a fun way to flank the fireplace or add as a centerpiece on the kitchen table. Another great fairy garden I saw was square flower boxes wrapped as Christmas presents to add to the coffee table, as part of our holiday decorations. It was not long before the list of ideas filled a page in my notebook.

I loved the candy dish idea, because you could fill the containers with faux snow and add miniature Christmas presents, happy holiday signs, and Christmas fairies with Santa Claus. My husband suggested including sprinkles of confetti, streams of ribbons, or battery-operated twinkle lights as you add a few miniature container gardens on the fireplace mantel to enhance your Christmas stockings. You could make the fairy garden as simple or as complex as you want, but it is a fun way to use those seasonal fairy gardening tools. Then when you jump into designing the metal containers (you can even get ones that look like top hats for your snowmen), you could make these more complex by potting miniature plants to the winter themed garden. I love the little ski chalet, skis, snowmen, and penguins I recently saw for sale online. You might consider placing Christmas miniature accessories in the design or just keep the containers as a winter wonderland for the ski lovers in your life. Finally, I think the idea of using a sturdy flower box wrapped in Christmas paper is a fun way to decorate your living room space and do a true Christmas theme with Santa, the North Pole, elves, and Christmas trees with lights on them. Use preserved moss as the ground cover, so you can have some greenery without watering.

After a couple of days of being creative and designing our winter fairyland, my husband and I will celebrate the season, while enjoying the fairy garden containers and the wonderful holidays that are a part of this time of year. Hope you are experiencing much delight with your miniature gardening projects.

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